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10 Popular YouTubers That Deserve Their Platform

Many YouTubers have become popular over the years, but there are a select few who deserve their platform. They seem to be genuine, kind people and are mainstream for good reason. While many YouTubers have gained their fame and fortune through controversial posts, other YouTubers gained their audience through hard work and determination. Below, I list some of the most deserving mainstream YouTubers today!

1.) Tati

Formerly known as “GlamLifeGuru,” Tati Westbrook is a beautiful person on the inside and out. With over five million subscribers, Tati is very popular in the YouTube community. She previously gained her popularity by working hard to post five videos a week for many years. While she has recently stepped back with her very consistent posting, she is still determined to deliver content that does not fall short in its quality. Tati has also recently created her own brand called, “Halo Beauty.” You can visit her brand’s website at this link! Tati is beautiful in more ways than one and has proven to deserve her growing platform on YouTube!

2.) KathleenLights

Kathleen is right behind Tati with her over four million subscribers on YouTube! She is a very consistent YouTuber and puts her subscribers above any other work that she does. While she has worked with many brands, she is known to work alongside ColourPop a great deal. Two of her popular collaborations include The Zodiac and Dream St. Kathleen is such a sweet woman and proves this time and time again through her lasting relationships with family and friends and honest conversations with her viewers. This beauty is sure to make her way to the top of your favorite YouTubers list with her humor and charm in every video!

3.) Shane Dawson

Shane exceeds all YouTubers on this list with over 20 million subscribers on his channel! He is definitely one of the “originals” of YouTube. His content has gotten better and better as his YouTube channel has grown. Shane has proven to further his career through hard work in the past year with the series that he has released. His content has grown to widen his audiences and please his current subscribers. Age definitely looks good on Shane’s channel!

4.) Grav3yardgirl

Grav3yardgirl, also known as Bunny, is a Texas native and sweet to her southern core! She has over 8.5 million subscribers and has been on YouTube for almost ten years! While Bunny appeals to many audiences, she is most popular for her, “Does This Thing Really Work?” series where she tests “as seen on TV” items. Check this enthusiastic soul out in the video posted down below!

5.) The Labrant Fam

The Labrant Family consists of four members: Cole, Savannah, Everleigh, and Posie. Similar to Bunny, The Labrant Family exceeds a whopping eight and a half million subscribers! Many of their subscribers admire their loving family and loyalty to one another. While sweet, little Everleigh is not Cole’s biological daughter, he seems to be doing a great job at treating her as his own! You can see this beautiful relationship on their channel that has been linked above!

6.) Safiya Nygaard

Safiya has grown her channel tremendously over the years with over seven million loyal subscribers. While she has had her channel for many years, it has proven to develop most over the last two years. We can give the credit of this growth to her imaginative mind! There is not a video on her channel that lacks originality and creativity, and anyone can find a post that caters to their unique interests! Safiya covers a wide range of categories on her channel including beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and tags. You can see one of her fascinating videos below!

7.) Gabbie Hanna

Formerly known as The Gabbie Show, Gabbie Hanna is loved by her audience for her genuine personality and witty content. From beauty videos to story times, Gabbie is sure to keep you entertained for hours! This gal has recently dipped her toes into music and loves it! Gabbie Hanna got her start from Vine when it was popular and transferred her hard work and energy into YouTube in 2014.

8.) Casey Holmes

Recently pregnant Casey Holmes has almost two million subscribers and loves working with beauty brands to create make up that her subscribers will love! She reviews make up and other beauty products, creates tutorials, and vlogs with her husband and dogs! Her down to earth personality is so easy to love, and this shows in her over one hundred million views on her channel!

9.) Alfie Deyes Vlogs

While Alfie’s videos are not typically my cup of tea, I can definitely appreciate his work. The boyfriend of Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, focuses on his vlog channel, although his other channel has over a million more subscribers. He seems to prefer vlogging and shows how hard he works by posting multiple times a week. If you love lifestyle vlogs, Alfie Deyes Vlogs may be the perfect channel for you!

10.) The Try Guys

Last but certainly not least, with over five million subscribers is The Try Guys. These boys are definitely silly and appeal to a wide range of audiences. These four friends post every Wednesday and Saturday and have definitely created a name for themselves. Their channel stats show that their independent channel has only been around since 2018, but this has not put a halt to their careers!



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