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5 Vlogs that Went Viral in 2017

#1 Logan Paul – “WE MADE JAM OUT OF OREOS! (Feat. Danielle Bregoli “Cash Me Outside”)”

This vlog made by Logan Paul went viral and has over 25 million views. In this video, YouTube sensation Logan Paul collaborated with Danielle Bregoli who is known for the “Cash me outside” video. In this video, Logan and Danielle make jam out of Oreos.

#2 Jake Paul- “WHO’S A BETTER KISSER? (Sexual Game)”

This vlog made my Jake Paul included the Martinez brothers and another YouTuber named Teala (ttlyteala.) In this video, the challenge was to find out who the best kisser is so they all took turns kissing Teala who was blindfolded. This video went viral and has over 30 million views.

#3 Sommer Ray- “Life of Sommer Ray | Vlog 3”

In this vlog by Sommer Ray, she documents her whole day through this vlog. Her day consisted of meeting fans, getting food with her friends, going to the gym. Also, she shows her gym outfit to her fans before she goes and then records her working out. While at the gym, she encounters many fans who all want to take pictures with her. This vlog of Sommer Ray’s life has over 4 million views. 



In this vlog made by Erika Costell, who is in a relationship with Jake Paul, she pulls a prank on him by being in bed with another guy which makes Jake think that she is cheating on him. Jake Paul seems to get really sad and does not have a funny reaction to this so that “(GONE WRONG)”. By the end of the video, Erika tells Jake Paul that she pranked him which makes everything okay again. Jake wanted revenge though, so he throws her and himself in the pool in the end.

#5 Chance and Anthony-“DYED THE MARTINEZ TWIN’S HAIR!!! (Prank Wars)”

This vlog by Chance and Anthony went viral because they pranked the Martinez Twins dying their hair green. This prank was taking their “prank wars” to a whole new level. This viral vlog counts over 5 million views now.



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