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5 Popular Youtubers Who Upload Fortnite YouTube Videos

Fortnite is a new survival video game that has gone viral. What makes the game so unique is that there are randomly generated maps where players have to collect objects and resources to help them survive. The environment around the players is like Earth but there is a storm that will eliminate 98% of the population. Additionally, there is a standalone mode which is called Fortnite Battle Royale. This game has become the biggest trend recently and is played by millions. Players enjoy this game due to how entertaining it is. In this article, you will read about 5 popular Fortnite YouTube Players.

1) Dakotaz

This gaming YouTuber known as Dakotaz is a popular Fortnite YouTube player. Unlike other gaming YouTubers, Dakotaz does not use a face cam because he wants viewers to be more interested in the screen rather than focusing on him.

2) Teo

Another popular YouTube gaming streamer is Teo. Teo is very well known for playing the video game Siege. However, most recently he has dedicated many of his videos to Fortnite and streams him playing the game. We love him for his outgoing personality and many of his Fortnite YouTube videos are just too funny.

3) Cizzorz

This YouTuber is one of the newest members of the gaming clan FaZe. Cizzorz has been a YouTuber since 2011. In his Fortnite YouTube videos, Cizzorz is always in for a challenge and therefore plays the craziest and hardest plays in Fortnite.

4) Muselk

Muselk is another popular gaming YouTuber who uploads Fortnite YouTube videos. He has been a gaming YouTuber for awhile but the release of Fortnite has really increased his popularity. Most recently Muselk has been uploading an in-depth Fortnite YouTube video almost every day. We love him for his high energy and outgoing personality. Muselk has become much more popular since Fortnite came out and his videos surpass a million views within a few hours.

5) RiceGum

RiceGum who is most famous for roasting other YouTuber’s started playing Fortnite just recently. He was the first one to come up with the “1 kill=1 strip” Fortnite Striptease game, where he invites girls to the Clout House, who have to take off a piece of clothing every time he makes a kill in the game. His Fortnite YouTube videos receive a ton of views, which has helped him reach 10 Million subscribers.



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