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Claire Saffitz From Bon Appétit x Good Mythical Morning

Claire Saffitz From Bon Appétit
Good Mythical Morning

So funktioniert's: Gib dieser Kampagne deine Stimme, um dein Interesse an der Realisierung der Kollaboration auszudrücken. Ziel ist es, die Aufmerksamkeit beider YouTuber zu erregen. Upvoten und teilen!

post-author Rachel hat diese Kampagne erstellt

The Collab

Good Mythical Morning

I love YouTube. The site has introduced me to so many unique and awesome creators. Back in the day, it was Good Mythical Morning. A duo of dad's talking about crazy things, doing funny challenges, and tasting questionable food.


Bon Appétit

Now we have a rising star from the Bon Appétit channel named Claire Saffitz. She's been gaining massive popularity with her dupes of our favorite snack foods. She works hard to re-create these snacks and it pays off with views going up to near 8 million. The other creators on the channel pale in comparison. Truly a rising star.


Why Is This The Perfect Collaboration?

These two (or rather three) YouTubers could compliment each other for a collaboration. Claire is a skilled chef that can create anything she sets her mind to. Rhett and Link love experimenting with food and are willing to try anything. And I mean anything


What Would It Look Like?

My thoughts on what they could do is Claire could use the outlandish ingredients Rhett and Link subject themselves to (animal brains, bugs, dirt) to make food that takes edible. Rhett and Link have to decide if it's good and if it has a strange ingredient.


Why This is Good For Claire?

Claire is one creator on the Bon Appétit channel. She currently does not have her own channel. Yet she is pulling in all the views and still has not done a collaboration. If she collaborates with this major channel, it could help push her into the YouTube community more. Not to mention, it would be super fun!


Why is This Good For Good Mythical Morning?

Rhett and Link have had a lot of collaborations on their channel. But no one quite like Claire. I think collaborating with a creator rising in popularity is great for any channel to keep relevancy and community spirit. Having someone as determined as Claire could help them diversify their Will It series. Having a professional could be a great change of pace for a great episode.


Will it collab?

Claire Saffitz From Bon Appétit

Good Mythical Morning

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Kemora Ross-Johns

so cool

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