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KathleenLights x RawBeautyKristi


So funktioniert's: Gib dieser Kampagne deine Stimme, um dein Interesse an der Realisierung der Kollaboration auszudrücken. Ziel ist es, die Aufmerksamkeit beider YouTuber zu erregen. Upvoten und teilen!

post-author Kayla hat diese Kampagne erstellt

The Only Collaboration You Need!

I am excited to introduce the perfect collaboration between KathleenLights and RawBeautyKristi. These two beauty YouTubers have a strong and loyal following, and we see each girl create content about one another, however, they have never collaborated in person. I strongly believe that if these girls create content together, their followers will be thrilled!

Why Should K&K Collaborate?

Bringing these two together would be an instant hit among a wide range of audiences. Kathleen attracts many individuals who are interested in beauty and fashion, while Kristi attracts an audience with her unique humor and similar beauty interests. They have very similar audiences, and one video will leave us begging for more!

I urge you to encourage a collaboration between Kristi and Kathleen because I know that they will not post any content that falls short of our expectations. If these two create content together, audiences will not be able to get enough! These girls are perfect for each other! Kathleen and Kristi, if you are listening, DO THIS THING!

How Will They Do It?

Kathleen lives in Florida, while Kristi lives in Washington, however, both happen to travel often. Collaborating would be great for both of their channels, and more individuals will learn to appreciate such great creators.

Video Ideas (As If They Need Any, AMIRIGHT?)

These gals do not need help with video ideas because they are brilliant on their own! However, I have listed some interesting suggestions below to persuade fans just how genius this collab is.

  • Get Ready With Us
    • This video idea is simple, but it would leave the girls room to be talk to one another and show us how they get along. A video like this is very interesting to the community because there is so much room for creativity.
  • Embarrassing Storytimes
    • Both of these girls have a sense of humor like no other. Getting personal is fun with beauty gurus like Kathleen and Kristi. They are super relatable and real! Laughing with this duo is just what we need after a long day!
  • Trying Eachother's Makeup
    • This video idea is not exactly original, but it is popular for a reason. Switching makeup is a tag video that beauty lovers find fascinating because they get to see a different side of their favorite Youtubers.
  • Our All Time Favorites
    • Both of these women have very similar tastes in products, so hearing what they have to say about their favorites would be fantastic! They can learn from one another, while we learn from them. Discovering new products is already fun for us beauty lovers, but seeing our favorite beauty creators discover them would be fabulous, too!


These are only a few video ideas to get these YouTubers brainstorming. If KathleenLights and RawBeautyKristi collaborated, we would come back begging for more! The two are already great apart, but making content together would be sensational! If you agree, let's make ourselves heard!

If you do not know either one of these girls, I will link their channels below.

Be careful.

You'll never want to stop watching...



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