10 Overlooked YouTubers You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

YouTube is becoming increasingly popular among many ages and is filled with guys and gals who do not get the attention that they deserve. While there are many amazing creators in the YouTube world, a number of individuals are overlooked because of the increasing popularity of the more “mainstream” creators. Below, I will introduce you to a list of some of the most neglected YouTubers on the site. Don’t forget to comment which YouTubers you think are underrated below.

1.) RawBeautyKristi

Kristi has been steadily growing her audience since she started her YouTube channel in 2013, however, she still has far fewer subscribers than many of her peers. Kristi recently hit her 500,000 subscriber mark, which is a huge accomplishment for those in the YouTube community.  With a mix of beauty knowledge and humor, she is sure to charm you down the YouTube rabbit hole very quickly. RawBeautyKristi is not only funny but humble and relatable, as well. With so much drama around the web, I can confidently say that she is a breath of fresh air.

2.) Channon Rose

If you like storytime videos, look no further. She has got you covered! Former pornstar, Channon Rose, has had to endure things that many of us could never dream about. Many of her stories include her experiences in the porn industry, an abusive childhood, and her crazy party days. Channon has a lot to offer, as she also expresses interest in the beauty world and vlogging crowd. Channon is moving her way up in the YouTube community with 1.1 million subscribers. Check her out below!

3.) NicoleReneeCutler

Nicole is an avid beauty content creator and animal lover. With only a bit over 100,000 subscribers, Nicole has been overlooked when she deserves far more attention than she has received. Her videos are not only professional but entertaining and consistent. She posts multiple times a week and uses her platform for good. If you love dewy skin and a wide variety of makeup products, check her out! You can also search her nonprofit, Bailey’s Mission, and support animals when you click this link.

4.) Paternity Court

Judge Lauren Lake provides us with days of absurd content on this YouTube channel! Men and women from all over the country attend court to have DNA results read in front of the entire world. These dramatic filled full episodes will keep you entertained for hours on end. Unbelievable episodes are provided for free at the expense of these individuals’ pride and ego. With less than a million subscribers, Paternity Court is just what us reality television buffs need after a long day!

5.) Molly Burke

Molly Burke is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation and is loved by people of all ages! Her channel is family friendly, and she opens up about the struggles of being a blind girl. Molly has 1.7 million subscribers, so she isn’t quite underrated, but this awesome girl deserves to be overrated! Molly, you make “disabled” look good! Enjoy this video and more about what it’s like to be blind and how to cope with the emotional and physical struggles of this life.

6.) Jenna Dewan

The former wife of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan is beautiful on the inside and out! You may not believe it but recently divorced Jenna only has a bit over 350,000 subscribers. Her main focuses are on beauty, food, and dance! Jenna is doing well after her separation and glows in her videos. Check out this recipe below!

7.) Andréa Matillano

If you are getting tired of seeing the same faces all the time, here is a fresh and new face for you. Andréa has a great channel with less than 300,000 subscribers, but do not push her aside. She is great at what she does. While her videos consist of your typical beauty guru content, if that is what you like, look no further! Andréa’s content is consistent as she posts often, and she does not slack off!

8.) JessiSmiles

Jessi is a fun YouTuber to watch. With crude humor and interesting storytimes, this Youtube channel is filled with content for a wide variety of audiences (but you should probably be of age, my friends). Jessi does not hold back, even when her dignity is stake. Her channel is growing, however, she is not exactly a consistent uploader. With such great videos, we can cut her a bit of slack, I guess!

9.) Allie Glines

Very similar to Andréa, Allie Glines may not exactly be “original,” but she is great at what she does! Her videos are very informative, and her sweet personality is just what we need on YouTube! Allie does not have a lot of involvement with other YouTubers from what I have noticed, which can be great for those who hate the drama that comes with many YouTube communities. Check out her video below!

10.) Emily Noel

Emily is super down to earth and has such a beautiful personality that radiates wherever she goes. She is a family gal for sure but typically limits her content to cosmetics. This former news anchor loves makeup and all things beauty! Emily has a passion for drugstore cosmetics and understands our financial limits! She is an unsponsored channel, which makes her so easy to trust and love even more!



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