Steve Harvey Joining YouTube For The Money – Exclusive

Steve Harvey is a comedian and TV host. He has hosted several shows including currently doing his own talk show in his namesake, The Steve Harvey Show, he hosts Family Feud, and also has a radio show called The Steve Harvey Morning Show.


Will Steve Harvey tour?



At a taping of Family Feud, Steve took questions that were written down by the audience before the show. One asked, “Do you miss going on tour?”. Steve responded admitting that he does miss touring [for his comedy show]. He considered the possibility of going on tour again but showed apprehension. Steve mulled over the PC culture and how it’s difficult to do comedy. He said that no matter what joke he says, someone is going to get offended. Then went on to say that it only takes one offended guest to go to a sponsor and complain and all the sponsors pull out. That’s something YouTubers know all too well. Case in point, Pewdiepie’s jokes that made his sponsors drop out. If this happens to Steve, he wouldn’t make any money from his comedy show. And for him, that’s a problem. There has to be a good profit. We’ll get back to that.


Will Steve Harvey join YouTube?



I wrote down a question for Harvey as well. I asked, “Will you join YouTube?” as well as thanking him for all his encouraging speeches at each of his shows. He loves to encourage people and preach a bit at the end of each of his shows.

My question was the first to be read out. Steve quickly answered and said he might. He said, “I have a meeting with YouTube on the-” I won’t tell you the date, but it’s later this March. Steve said he will see “if there’s money in it.”. He didn’t show much interest in YouTube itself, but the profit he can make off of it. Things he said sounded like he is going to have a special deal with YouTube to make money. It does not seem like he is going about it like Jack Black, going from scratch the normal way. Read about Jack Black and his arrival on YouTube channel here. 



Corporatization of YouTube


This is a concern to me and likely to many others who are passionate about YouTube. It’s no secret that YouTube is attracting Hollywood celebrities recently. But if the celebrity does not enter the platform in a humble, down to earth way, people become cynical. Take Jack Black, the way he entered YouTube was through filming through the phone playing arcade games he loved. He references memes with his sons and stays in the loop on Youtube. Jack is quick to collaborate with YouTubers and never comes across as thinking he is better. His content is raw and genuine and what YouTube is all about.

YouTubers are not happy about a potential shift in YouTube from independent creators to corporations. I feel like if Steve Harvey, as much as I love the guy, will not be welcomed by the community if he approaches it in this mindset. A celebrity looking for money could be likened to a one-man faced company. What will YouTube offer in their meeting? Will they offer enough to satisfy a $160 million net worth celebrity?



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