Top 5 YouTubers in SuperBowl Commercials

Top 5 YouTubers in SuperBowl Commercials

1) Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood, a YouTube vlogger who also enjoys comedy, took a part in a Super Bowl commercial in 2015 for Nissan.  The commercial consisted of Roman and his children trying to pull a prank on his wife.  Candidates from the Nissan company came to help Roman build a trampoline and supplied bags of colorful plastic balls to fill the house with.  With the help of the Nissan employes, Roman, and his Kids, they were able to fill up his entire mansion with balls.  When his wife came home and opened the door, she was shocked to see a bunch of colored ball pit balls coming out of her house.

2) The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an American actor who also enjoys creating youtube videos for his fans was featured in a super bowl commercial in 2013.  This commercial was for a partnership that he is a member of which is called “Got Milk?”  This company promotes healthy eating, and in particular, drinking milk to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  The commercial is based on his children not having enough milk to eat their cereal.  The Rock runs through the city, fighting monsters to get a gallon of milk for his children.  The commercial ended with Dwayne promoting healthy eating and saying the company’s slogan “got milk?”

3) Logan Paul

Logan Paul filmed a SuperBowl commercial with his friend George Jenko.  This commercial was for Doritos and included the two social media stars walking through a haunted house and coming in contact with a ghost trying to take the Dorito bag.  The end of the commercial resulted in Logan getting the Dorito bag and talking highly of them to increase their popularity.

4) RiceGum

Ricegum, a popular YouTuber with just under 10 million subscribers was featured in a 2018 Superbowl commercial for “monster,” a company who makes headphones and speakers.  Ricegum was offered the main role in this commercial and got to work with music artist Iggy Azalea.  The ad promoted their “over ear” headphones instead of the traditional “earphones.”  In his most recent vlogs, he has stated that he loved getting the opportunity to do this and that he would love doing more like this in the future.

5) Chief Pat

Chief Pat is an extremely popular gaming YouTuber.  He mainly posts Clash Of Clans videos and is one of the most popular YouTubers who dedicate their videos entirely to Clash Of Clans.  This was a perfect opportunity for Chief Pat since the commercial was advertising clash of clans.  Although he had a small part in the commercial, it is still very interesting that Supercell asked him to be apart of their 2015 SuperBowl commercial which would be seen by millions of people.  Chief Pat also got to work with Liam Neeson who is an extremely popular American actor.  He acted in movies including, Taken, Non-Stop, The Grey, Shindler’s List, and many more.


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