Which Beauty YouTuber Should You Watch – According To Your Skin Preferences

It is clear that we are all different, and our skin types are no exception! While YouTube is a platform filled with brilliant creators who focus on entertaining their viewers, you can also learn a lot on the site, as well. A particular focus on many videos uploaded to YouTube is beauty and personal care. Below, you will find YouTubers that you should watch according to YOUR skin preferences!

1. Oily Skin + Rosacea = Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes is your soul sister if you have oily skin and desire a matte look to your foundation! She has very recently announced her pregnancy, so it is very possible that her skin will change as her pregnancy progresses. While her skin may change, she is great at what she does, and you will love her videos! Check out her past videos if you are interested in makeup products and skin care that will suit your oily skin!

2. Oily + Full Coverage = NikkieTutorials

If you do not know who NikkieTutorials is, you may be living under a rock! This Holland native loves everything full coverage! Her videos consist of tutorials and a popular series called, “The Power of Makeup.” This series has crazy transformations of celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore. If you love full coverage and glamorous makeup, Nikkie is the girl for you!

3. Dry Skin + Dewy Finish = KathleenLights

KathleenLights is your girl if you love dewy foundation and struggle with dry skin. Kathleen complains of her dry skin often, but her beauty is certainly more prevalent! While she discusses her skin care regimen at times, she mainly focuses on makeup products such as foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer. She typically leans toward luminous products that make her skin glow!

4. Dry Skin + Pale Skin = RawBeautyKristi

RawBeautyKristi is your gorgeous grease ball! So, technically, that sounds disgusting but just picture dewy perfection. This beauty slathers herself in glowy products and loves it! Much like KathleenLights, Kristi struggles with dry skin and prefers a not-so-matte look to her makeup. Kristi also has very light and pale skin, something to be proud of! Check out this gal if you have light and dry skin.

5. Deep Skin + Glam = Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang has beautiful, deep skin that can be hard to match with a lack of deep shades in the beauty industry. Because of the difficulties that she has faced with matching her skin tone to foundations, she started a popular series called, “The Darkest Shade.” This series consists of Nyma trying out the darkest foundation shades in a variety of different foundations from multiple brands. Check her out below!

6. Medium To Full Coverage + Dry Skin = Allie Glines

Allies Glines enjoys a luminous skin finish in her foundations. She also seems to lean toward a medium to full coverage look, as well. If this sounds like you, check this gal out! Allie has a sweet soul and focuses on drugstore and high-end makeup! While her channel is not as popular as some of the others in this list, Allie does not fall short of our expectations. Definitely learn more about her preferences in this video!

7. Medium Coverage + Natural or Dewy Finishes = NicoleReneeCutler

Nicole is another of the YouTubers on this list who is overlooked on the platform. While she may not have the most subscribers, her channel may be perfect for you if you struggle with a drier skin type and lean toward a medium coverage finish. If you like a more natural foundation, you are sure to find something you love on this channel!

8. Glowy Skin + Cream Product Preferences = Samantha Ravndahl

Samantha is very close to her million subscriber mark and for good reason! She works hard to release quality videos about the products that she loves and uses. She loves a glowy and dewy look on her skin! She struggles with acne, but she is beautiful, nonetheless! If you have skin struggles but want a dewy finish, check this gal out!

9. Medium Toned Skin + Glam = Laura Lee

Known for her successful channel and newly created business, Laura Lee Los Angeles, Laura loves makeup and looking glamorous! She has a medium skin tone, which can be very helpful to a wide range of audiences! It can be difficult to find a makeup shade that matches your skin tone, so receiving help from an individual who has similar skin needs is just what everyone needs!

10. Acne Prone Skin + Dramatic Looks = ThatGirlShaeXo

Shae is beautiful on the inside and out! She may struggle with acne prone skin, but this does not stop her from loving her foundation routine and having fun with cosmetics! She has a light to medium skin tone, but her suggestions and advice can be shared among people of all skin tones and types! With less than 500,000 subscribers, Shae may not be as well-known as her beauty counterparts, but she is great at what she does!



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