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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Vlogfund?

Vlogfund is the first internet platform that allows people to create, pitch and market an idea for a YouTube collaboration across the internet. Others on the internet can upvote the collaboration and share it with their friends.

Collaboration campaign creators and contributors are working closely together to make new collaborations come together in real life. If you stumble upon a collaboration campaign on Vlogfund you really like, please don’t forget to upvote it and then share it with as many friends as possible, so the YouTubers will eventually notice the efforts of the crowd and decide to make the collab become a reality.

What do I need to know before choosing a collaboration campaign?

Before someone makes a contribution to a collaboration campaign, we at Vlogfund recommend to read these suggestions first.

  1. Ensure the person who created the collaboration campaign is offering full description with lots of information about the collaboration
  2. Make sure you can identify yourself with the collaboration
  3. Search and see if you can find more information about the collaboration.

For many contributors, the rewarding part comes in the form of watching the collaboration campaign, from the idea to making the collaboration happen in real life.

How are contributors protected?

A level of security is necessary and needed by contributors before they start supporting a collaboration campaign. Vlogfund provides the trusted platform which contributors are seeking in crowdsourcing a collaboration.

Trust & Safety

Vlogfund mission is to provide a safe and trusted platform for contributors to choose a collaboration campaign to support on a crowdsourcing sight; while simultaneously uniting people globally around ideas for YouTube collaborations that are important to them and then empowering those people to see those YouTube collaborations become a reality.

Watching every collaboration campaign grow from an idea to an extraordinary collaboration, we want every contributor to be well informed. Vlogfund provides all the information and a global community built on trust and passion for seeing “dream collaborations come true”, and the security needed for the contributors to feel confident supporting their favorite YouTube collaboration campaign.
Frequently, we may get asked certain questions about the viability of certain collaboration campaigns. First, we encourage everybody to evaluate the collaboration campaign on their own. We want contributors to be as informed as possible; learn about the collaboration campaign by reading more about the suggested collaborators, their biographies, updates, and comments.

Ask yourself is this a collaboration I can relate to or get excited about? We encourage everybody to be involved in the discussion. As part of a global community, if one has a question, it is probably a question somebody else has and should be added to the collaboration campaigns comments.

What is the role of the contributor?

Vlogfund and all collaboration campaigns could not be successful without the unbelievable aid of our community of contributors. We realize our contributors have the ability to make a new collaboration happen in real life each time they support a collaboration campaign. We agree that this can be filled with both risks and rewards, but we want our contributors feeling confident and excited on the journey. The key is trust between all three parties: Vlogfund, the collaboration campaign creators, and the contributors.
It’s with trust and support that great YouTube collaborations come to life.

How do I post a comment on a collaboration campaign page?

Only those who are Vlogfund account holders have the ability to directly comment on a collaboration campaign page, along with those who are members of the administrative team. If you choose to post a comment:

  • Log into your Vlogfund account
  • Choose a collaboration campaign page
  • Choose the Comments tab; enter the comment, then select “Add a comment”

How do I find collaboration campaigns?

Often, potential contributors are able to locate new collaboration campaigns through recommendations from friends. When an individual finds an exciting new collaboration campaign, sharing links to the collaboration campaign through social media, email or messaging apps, it’s often the best way to spread the word. Other sources for potential donors who are looking for new collaboration campaigns include

Vlogfund Search

Vlogfund Newsletters
  • Often, Vlogfund offers the opportunity to receive regular emails about new collaboration campaigns
  • We do our best to targeted to one individual’s special interests as directed by the Vlogfund profile and contribution history
  • Registration for e-mails occurs when an Vlogfund account is created
Be Sure to follow Vlogfund on Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

What status can a collaboration campaign have?

A YouTube collaboration campaign can have the following status:

  • Draft Status: When creating a collaboration campaign creators have the possibility to save their collaboration campaign as a draft in case they want to edit it later.
  • Pending Review Status: A collaboration campaign will not go live immediately on submisson, but will be reviewed by our community support team. In most cases a collaboration campaign will go live within the next 72 hours
  • Vote status: All YouTube collaboration campaigns that we at Vlogfund publish after we’ve reviewed them thoroughly will be eligible to vote.
  • Donate Status: Only collaboration campaigns who reached over 1000 upvotes will accept donations.
Approval of Pending Reviews

The community support team is careful to inspect each collaboration campaign. When the information is verified, the collaboration campaign is approved.

More Information

Up-to-date information about a collaboration campaign can be found on the collaboration campaign page, where the history, background, updates and comments can be viewed. Creators provide youtube thumbnails, quotes and a collaboration campaign description on this page.

What happens after my contribution was successful?

Vlogfund is hopeful that every collaboration campaign will be successful. However, delays or roadblocks can arise in any situation and not every collaboration campaign is successful. We understand your desire to stay informed. Here are a few steps you can take to communicate the collaboration campaign to other potential contributors and to the YouTubers involved to help make the collaboration become a reality.

Reach out to the YouTubers via social media. Some YouTubers will respond quickly on social media, addressing public statements on Facebook and Twitter.

Spread the word. Share the collaboration campaign with others and encourage them to upvote.

Be Sure to Use the Comments Tab. This tab, located on the collaboration campaign page, is the location designated for contributors and supporters to hash out all of their hesitations about a collaboration campaign. It can also be used as a location for sharing insights. One contributor might have insider information that others lack. By starting a conversation with other contributors, the creator may be compelled to post updates.

Be Your own Detective: Search out other websites for more information.

Contact us: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help

Get more information at support@Vlogfund.com