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Connor Franta x Jessie Paege

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Both of them are such an inspiration to EVERYONE. Connor once got through the hardships of LGBT+ community while Jessie puts mental illness at the place. Both of them care about what is important to people & always bring positivity to people, influene people through videos & social media. Bringing change to the society 💙

Connor Franta

a kind reminder that every human is a person. your parents, your teachers, every waitress, every stranger on the train, the homeless man on the sidewalk.. all people. treat everyone with warmth and be equally respectful to them all. thank you x

Jessie Paege

self love isn’t only taking time for yourself, but realizing why you’ve been needing self love more and what drains you. notice your symptoms, triggers, and environment and see what you should change. it’s difficult, but that’s also self love

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Make an LGBT/ mental health vid talking about struggles/opinions/advice


a Q&A maybe??


I agree with Lily. I think a video like that would help a lot of people:]

Elizabeth Luna

Ask viewers if they want any advice dealing with mental health and/or lgbtq+




Thrift haul


talk about their trash and at the end talk about self love

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