Wir sind Vlogfund

Eine Community mit Leidenschaft für Kollaborationen

Wir sind Vlogfund

Unsere Vision

People have always loved the community aspect of Social Media. But when you have thousands of followers, you can sometimes feel disconnected to them. We created Vlogfund because we truly want to help content creators strengthen their community and expand their audience. We believe in a world of collaboration over competition, because when Content Creators join forces, great things can happen.

Unser Team


Lena is the organized mind behind Vlogfund and responsible for influencer relations & campaign management.


Niki is the visionary mind behind Vlogfund and responsible for idea creation, product management & analytics.


Kathi is the creative mind behind Vlogfund and responsible for everything related to Social Media & content marketing.

Unsere Werte

Wir hören niemals auf zu lernen

When we stop learning, we stop growing.


Wir arbeiten fokussiert

Energie fließt dort, wo wir unseren Fokus reinstecken.


Wir arbeiten zusammen

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


Unsere Offices


South Carolina

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Casual Dresscode

Warum bei Vlogfund arbeiten?
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