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Make the world a better place with charity livestreams

Have you ever thought about collaborating with a charity? With the help of Vlogfund it’s now easier than ever to raise money for a good cause.

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Why collaborating with a charity is a good idea

Improve your image, credibility & authenticity

Stay authentic and true to your self by supporting a cause you care about.

Influence with purpose

Make your content even more meaningful by taking a charity under your wings.

Give something back

Give something back and make the world a better place with your reach.

Create for a good cause

Have fun creating content for a charity of your choice.

Get closer to your community

Connect with your community on a deeper level.

Attract valuable brands in the future

Brands love working with influencers that have a strong & supportive community.

3 main reasons why your influence is so important to make an impact


of teenage followers say they relate to influencers more than traditional celebrities.

4 / 10

millennials say their favorite influencer has a bigger impact on their decisions than their friends.


At the same time, only 5.5% of all donations made in 2018 came from under 29-year-olds.

We’ve built the ultimate fundraising platform for influencers

It’s now easier and more effective than ever to support your favorite charity.

  • 1

    Choose one from over 20k connected charities.

    We made it a breeze to collaborate with any charity of your choice. No matter if you already have one in mind, or you don’t.

  • 2

    Create your personal online charity live stream event page.

    Once you found the right charity it’s time to support them. Now it’s time to create your very own online fundraising event.

  • 3

    Give something back to your community.

    We’ve seen that just asking for donations doesn’t do the job. Give something back to your community by offering a one-of-a-kind live stream experience for a small donation.

  • 4

    Create a hype around your charity live stream event

    After your fundraising page is set up it’s important to share it with your community. Promote it weeks ahead of time and make people don’t miss the date.

  • 5

    Get closer to your community

    In the end, you got closer to your community and at the same time raised money for a good cause. It can’t get better than that.

Why our approach is unique

  • We put content creators first.

  • We help you create a fun live stream experience for your community.

  • We help you connect to your community on a higher level.

  • We help you give something back to your community.

Together we can raise money for charity more efficiently.

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