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This is Vlogfund

What is Vlogfund?

In one sentence: Vlogfund is a crowdsourcing platform for YouTube collaborations. But what exactly is a crowdsourcing platform and why do YouTube collaborations matter?

Crowdsourcing explained:

Crowdsourcing is a way of engaging a ‘crowd’ or group for a common goal. A crowdsourcing platform gives your ideas a stage and at the same time enables you to engage with the ideas of other people. In the end, the goal is to turn those ideas into reality through a common effort. On Vlogfund ideas come in the form of new YouTube collaborations between your favorite YouTubers.
Here’s a little challenge for you. Pick two YouTubers and imagine what it would be like if they had a video together…
Did you pick two YouTubers? Great! Now it’s time to turn your idea into a reality and get the YouTubers to collaborate with the help of Vlogfund.

How does Vlogfund work?

Vlogfund allows you to get your favorite YouTubers to collaborate by creating a public campaign page on Vlogfund. Creating a campaign page on Vlogfund is the heart of every new YouTube collaboration.
Why is that? How can a website get two YouTubers to create a video?
Think about Kickstarter. Kickstarter is the biggest crowdsourcing platform to date helping to bring new projects to life. Millions of people have funded 171,752 projects. These projects would not have been possible without a crowd helping to realize them. On Vlogfund the concept is similar. Once you have your campaign page set up the goal is to get as many likeminded people as possible to cheer for the collaboration to get the attention of the YouTubers.
But why should the YouTubers care?
The most beautiful aspect of crowdsourcing is that a crowd can move mountains. It’s never you alone instead it’s the voice of many other likeminded people helping new YouTube collaborations become a reality. As an African proverb says: ”Alone you can go fast, together you can go far.” On Vlogfund we can achieve that by giving campaigns we love our voice. The way it works is through the upvote button placed on every campaign page. This key feature enables us to place a vote which shows the YouTubers the relevance of the campaign and how much the community wants to see them collaborate.

Why do YouTube collaborations matter?

To see your favorite YouTuber with another favorite YouTuber of yours can sometimes blow your mind. People have always loved the community aspect of YouTube and that’s why millions of fans are already posting their ideas and wishes for YouTube collaborations in the video comments or on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. They comment below videos, exchange ideas and win like-minded people instantly. That’s why we want to give YouTube fans a home by creating a stage for their ideas. When YouTubers join forces, great things can happen, be it a Vlog, a music video or an entire movie. That’s why we created Vlogfund: We want to give YouTube fans all over the world a stage to make new collaborations come true.
At the same time, Vlogfund helps YouTubers to get new ideas for their videos. For YouTubers, it can be hard to come up with new video ideas. On Vlogfund YouTubers can get fresh ideas for their next viral video and learn from the community what they would like to see next from them. It creates a win-win situation for both the Fans and the YouTubers.

The goal of Vlogfund:

Every campaign on Vlogfund has two phases. First comes the upvote phase which should express the relevance of the collaboration. After that, the Vlogfund Team will reach out to the YouTubers to discuss the next steps with the YouTubers or their management.
Once we have the approval of the YouTubers we‘ll open the next phase which is the donation phase. At that point, it’s possible to donate for a good cause to make the collaboration come true. Together with the YouTubers, we set a donation goal for the campaign. It is now in the hands of us, the community to raise enough money to reach the donation goal. Once we reach the donation goal the video will then exclusively drop on Vlogfund and the money will go towards charity. Giveaways will then also be shipped out to the donors who helped make the collaboration come true.

The Community:

Vlogfund is a global community: YouTube enthusiasts who bring in all their passion, creativity and commitment. People with one goal: bringing great YouTube collaborations to life.
What are you waiting for? Support campaigns on Vlogfund with your voice, your vote. The more people who vote for campaigns, the stronger the social proof for the YouTubers and the higher the chance of bringing new YouTube collaborations to life via Vlogfund that would otherwise never have happened. With your vote, you can realize collaborations and become part of their evolutionary history.
You’ve been dreaming of a collaboration between your favorite YouTuber for a long time? Breath life into your idea by creating a campaign on Vlogfund. Describe why the collaboration should happen, and customize your campaign with quotes, videos, facts, and stories. And above all: make your wish come true with the help of other like-minded fans and friends. Let’s do this!


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