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With the help of Vlogfund YouTubers can launch an engagement & charity campaign for free, receive creative ideas from fans and easily engage their community/build up their image.

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How it works

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Submit Campaigns

Fans submit campaigns on Vlogfund

Vlogfund is a crowdsourcing platform which means that all campaigns are user-generated. Youtubers can actively participate in this process by telling their fans to submit their collaboration wishes on Vlogfund.

Reache to YouTubers

Vlogfund reaches out to YouTubers

We always ask for approval/permission of the YouTubers first, before we publish campaigns. It’s important to know that it’s entirely the choice of the YouTubers to decide which campaigns can go live on Vlogfund based on their preferences.

Time to vote

Time to vote

Once the YouTuber has decided which campaigns we can publish, it’s time to set an upvote goal and then encourage the community to vote. This way, YouTubers can let their fans decide about their next collaboration.

Time to plan & create

Time to plan & create

At this stage, we’ve drawn a winner from the community and know which collaboration the fans would like to see the most. In addition to that, we also know what kind of video the community would like to see. At this time, the YouTuber needs to get connected with the other YouTuber and start planning the video. Now, it’s essential to set a donation goal for the campaign.

Time to donate

Time to donate

Once the YouTuber has planned the video with the other YouTuber, it’s essential to set a donation goal for the campaign. After that, it’s significant to actively promote the campaign via Social Media to reach the goal.



The video will drop exclusively on Vlogfund on the end date of the charity campaign, and we will announce the winners of the giveaway.

YouTube collaborations for a good cause

Start a campaign today. It’s free. All you have to do to tell your fans.