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Stir’s Latest Drop Lets Fans Design Their Dream Creator Collabs–And Will Award $25,000 To The Top Suggestion

Stir, the creator-focused startup behind tech drops like FYP.RIP, OnlyTweets, and MerchWith, has launched its latest offering–a contest it describes as “Mad Libs but with real people and real ideas.” Visit Tubefilter for more great…


Invite-Only Chat App Clubhouse To Develop Creator Monetization With Series B Funding

Invite-only chat app Clubhouse has raised an undisclosed amount of funding through a Series B that reportedly valued it at $1 billion. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.


Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard For Creators Building Businesses

Instagram has launched a new dashboard for business owners and entrepreneurial creators that centralizes access to all its business-related tools and educational content. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.


JoJo Siwa Allegedly Swatted By Paparazzi After Coming Out As Part Of LGBTQ+ Community

It’s been quite the week for 17-year-old YouTube megastar JoJo Siwa. After first hinting and then explicitly coming out as gay in several social media posts — a courageous act carrying enormous cultural import given…


Insights: The Donald’s Digital Death Penalty—Deplatforming, Politics, And The Future Of Social Media

So now we know what “deplatforming” sounds like: crickets. Very quiet crickets. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.


Italian Data Protection Authority Orders TikTok To Block Underage Users Following Death Of 10-Year-Old Girl

The Italian Data Protection Authority, the country’s data privacy watchdog, has ordered TikTok to block the accounts of any users who it cannot verify to be at least 13 years old — the minimum age…


Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels • Week Of 01/18/2021

After a tumultuous week in America, one filled with breaking news (and big viewership gains for news channels as a result), our chart’s latest seven-day measurement period brought our data back to more usual levels….


Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 01/18/2021

There was once a time when receiving 100 million YouTube views in a single week was unthinkable, but in 2021, a channel receiving that sort of traffic would not even crack our ranking of the…


YouTube Issues Significantly Expanded Guide To Self-Certification, Asks For Creator Feedback

Nearly two years after asking creators to start self-assessing their videos for advertiser-friendliness, YouTube has published a thorough guide to help them do it. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories.


TikTok Launches ‘Creator Portal’, A Hub For Educational Resources, Best Practices, More

TikTok has launched today a new online platform that will be chock full of creator-focused educational resources. The TikTok Creator Portal, which will live at TikTok.com/creators and is also available inside the TikTok app itself,…