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Rules & Guidelines

Here are our Rules & Guidelines every Vlogfund YouTube Collaboration Campaign must follow:

#1 Collaborations must be new and unique

Please double check and make sure that your idea for a collaboration doesn’t exist already on Vlogfund. Head over to to do a quick search to find out whether your idea for a YouTube collaboration exists yet or not before you create your own.
If your idea for a collaboration already exists and is listed as an active collaboration campaign on, then please don’t feel discouraged to come back at a later point once you have a new idea for a collaboration, which doesn’t exist on our platform yet.

There are different types of collaborations the creator can choose from. These types of collaborations are standard collaboration types known from music collaborations and song features.
You can choose from different standard types of collaborations, listed down below. Please note that a suggestion from your side cannot force the YouTubers to follow through with your idea. All ideas and wishes for collaborations are suggestions for the YouTubers involved. They are not EXTORTIONS by any means.
Just because a campaign exists on doesn’t mean the YouTubers involved have to follow through with it. It will be their choice and decision in the end.

Here are 5 different collaboration suggestions you can choose from as the campaign creator:

  • x: let the YouTubers choose the type of collaboration.
  • +: Generally this means a 50/50 collaboration. This is like the & and + conjunction known from music songs. Many artists in the music industry use this kind of conjunction to describe a 50/50 collaboration from their end.
  • feat. this means that one YouTuber will appear as a guest on the other YouTubers channel
  • vs: this means a fight or a battle. This can be in the form of a diss track or actual fight (i.e.: boxing).
  • introducing: Presenting a new YouTuber. A very popular YouTuber will present an upcoming and rising YouTuber to help increase the smaller YouTubers following and subscribers count, in order to help him become more popular.

Please make also sure to describe your idea for the collaboration thoroughly in the “short description section” on the campaign creation page, before you submit the campaign for review.

#2 The idea for the collaboration and content should not cause any thread or harm to the YouTube Collaborators involved

Please also provide a short description of your collaboration wish. What are your suggestions? What kind of content should the YouTubers create together? What video should they make together? Be as creative as you wish. BUT please note that every wish will be reviewed thoroughly. Offensive materials, insulting the YouTubers cannot be approved by our end. Please also make sure that the collaboration is realistic and that your idea and wishes are actually possible for the YouTubers. Any collaboration with the intent to cause harm to the YouTubers will not be approved.

#3 The creator of the collaboration campaign should be committed to helping bring the collaboration to life and provide regular updates about the current status of the collaboration

One does not simply create a new YouTuber collaboration campaign on just for the sake of it.
We believe that every campaign creator should be fully committed to helping provide the best experience for all contributors and collaboration campaign activists. This includes posting regular updates and informing the community about the most recent stories and news regarding the two collaborators involved in the campaign.

We, therefore, encourage every campaign creator to stay active as much as possible as long as the collaboration campaign exists on Vlogfund.


Prohibited and inappropriate collaborations:

Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).


Collaborations to promote Alcohol

Collaborations for political fundraising.

Collaboration with pornographic material.

Collaborations that promote discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups

Collaborations that already exist, or fake a previously-created collaboration, without adding anything new.

Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related paraphernalia.

Weapons, replicas of weapons, and weapon accessories.