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Campaign Manual

You want your favorite YouTubers to collaborate? Read our manual to find out how to create a campaign on Vlogfund and what your campaign needs to be successful.

Each campaign should be unique in its own way and contain the initiator’s fingerprint. Show your passion, your enthusiasm and dedication for the realization of your collaboration idea. Which YouTubers you want to see collaborate is up to you.

Imagine telling a good friend about your desired collaboration – what would you say? What would he ask you? And how would you convince him that you are serious about it?

Content of your campaign

This is your chance to tell other YouTube fans why your campaign has to become a reality. Introduce your favorite YouTubers. Provide a background. Tell a story. Be creative. Convince them.

In order to create an appealing, entertaining and personalized campaign that YouTube fans all over the world will love, here are some suggestions for a campaign outline you could make use of:

  • About you

Who are you? Introduce yourself or your team and tell people about your passion for YouTube.

  • Background

How did you come up with the idea for this campaign? Why this collaboration, why these YouTubers?

  • Motivation

What is your motivation behind realizing this campaign?

  • Expectations/Goal

What direction could this collaboration take and why? How could the YouTubers collaborate? Will it be a challenge? Or a vlog?

  • Portraits

Draw a holistic picture of the YouTubers with interesting facts that not everybody might know. Tell your favorite stories about the YouTubers and show people what you know and love about them.

  • Facts & story

Maybe there’s an overwhelming story or unique facts that would support your campaign idea. In addition to your own desire, try to think of other reasons to make your collaboration happen.

  • Previous

Are there any activities by fans or magazine articles in the past that support your collaboration? Dig them out and mention them.

  • Quotes / Ad-libs / Hooks

Refer to text passages and your favorite quotes and Ad-libs.

These are just examples that should help you get an idea about what the content of your campaign could look like. The written content should be at least 300-350 words – the more the better.

A successful campaign page needs pictures and videos

A well-written text is not the only thing you need for a good campaign page. You should highlight your desired collaboration with pictures and videos to convince more people of your campaign. We know it can be difficult finding suitable footage due to licenses. In case you don’t have access to qualitative material just add the link of your favorite YouTube Videos to your campaign.

  • A gripping campaign image

A campaign image consists of two single images – one per YouTuber, which will be combined. Remember: The campaign picture is the first thing people get to see of your campaign – and the first impression is known to be the most important.

  • Appealing videos and Tweets

Videos and tweets are the best and easiest way to introduce YouTubers. Campaign visitors can easily get an impression of the two YouTubers and their Channels. Use Youtube and other video platforms to add videos to your campaign.

  • GIFs, graphics, pictures & Social Media

Use additional imagery for your campaign. There are also no limits concerning the use of GIFs and other graphics. You want to use a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts? No problem, you are welcome to do so.

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