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Humanitarian Accountability Partnership


The vision of HAP International is of a humanitarian system championing the rights and the dignity of disaster survivors.

The mission of HAP International is to make humanitarian action accountable to its intended beneficiaries through self-regulation, compliance verification and quality assurance certification.

The objectives of HAP International are to:

(1) develop and maintain principles of accountability to beneficiaries through research, consultation, and collaboration

(2) support members and potential members of HAP International in adhering to the principles of accountability to beneficiaries by providing training and advice

(3) communicate, advocate, promote, and report on principles of accountability

(4) monitor and report on implementation of HAP International’s principles of accountability to beneficiaries and to accredit its members accordingly

(5) assist members in finding solutions where concerns or complaints are raised about them

You can find out more about:

becoming a member of HAP:

the HAP 2007 Standard in Humanitarian Accountability and Quality Management and the current review process:

Why HAP promotes certification of humanitarian agencies:

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