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Joy for Humanity


We believe that where the adult society in the area have failed to change the community, it’s now the young people who have to demonstrate their skills and commitment to bring the community to a flourishing state.

With Joy for Humanity a lot has been achieved and a lot more is required to see that everybody in the community is happy, well off, with good jobs, education and having a long life.

This task is not an easy one but Together with God’s help we can. If we are to make a difference to the world, we have to join hands and work together for a common good so that we share knowledge by having free flow of information, pull together all that we can, be stronger so that we get the job done.
We thank God for Joy for Humanity for what has been done in the community led by the youthful team.

With Joy for Humanity, we have managed to get friends from different countries and some of them have assisted in giving financial aid to the underprivileged children to enable them attend their primary and secondary education, we have managed to acquire resources to see that we acquire many necessities like children dormitories, toilets and other necessities.

We are very happy to have the first home structure for the orphans in the community which has changed the lives of these innocent children.

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