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LeapingStone is a 501c(3) NGO working in Togo. Our mission is to provide sustainable, quality primary education for girls and boys in West Africa. We are currently raising funds to build a primary school in the village of Dedeke, Togo.

Our model of aid is not as a charity, but as a helping hand. We feel it is important that we empower the people to be able to take care of themselves. We have sat down with the leaders and citizens of the village and talked about how we can do this. Because we are located in the U.S. we decided to team up with a Togolese NGO that goes into the village on a monthly basis and works with the people on income-generating skills. Our belief is that by approaching the problem at the root, we will lend that helping hand and then be able to move on to the next village.

We started fundraising at the beginning of 2009. We have raised, to date, a little over $25,000. We feel it is important to have 80% of our building costs before breaking ground. That means we need to raise another $15,000 before we start.

Obviously, we need donations. We also could use volunteer help. People who are willing to give of thier time and talents. Right now, we could use help in the social media arena as well as research on available grants.

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