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Meta House


In January 2007, German filmmaker Nico Mesterharm and his Cambodian team opened Phnom Penh’s META HOUSE, Cambodia’s first art/communication/media center. “Meta” (in Khmer language) means “lovingkindness”. It is the first of the four immeasurables (Brahmaviharas), the foundational Buddhist teachings.

META HOUSE promotes the development of contemporary art and film in Cambodia. The initiators give a special focus to social-related and charity art projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia, which is still SE Asian`s poorest country – dealing with important issues such as the battle against HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, human trafficking, child exploitation or the reconciliation process after 30 years of civil war.

The arts play a particularly important role in helping Cambodians reclaim their heritage, heal their souls and engage in the emerging renaissance. Creative people from around the globe are invited to contribute to the development of the young Cambodian contemporary art scene and help META HOUSE put Cambodia back on the artistic map.

The META HOUSE makers firmly believe that contemporary art is a marker of development. The growth of expressive art forms is crucial to the development of any society, none more so than Cambodia where individuals are desperate for a voice.

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