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NGOWP –Tp was started in 2001 by manor house agricultural center graduates in Kenya to advocate for this method of farming which is the only one that ensure a healthy living, provition of families with the bulk of their food requirement in urban or rural or from a small area to ensure production of more food with less financial investment and without damaging or polluting the environment. NO wastage . any one process becomes input for another and productivity is higher than from any other form of land use (6 times higher)
NGOW-TP believe that we live in the interwoven nature where everyone has a role to playThe training programme target farmers, groups of any kind,4 k clubs in primary schools, young farmers association in secondary schools.C.B.O’S ,NGO’S and interested bodies in B.I.A a low cost agricultural technology.Mission statementTo help fulfill the international obligation to ensure healthy sustainable living through sound agricultural practices-by mobilizing and empowering farmers or groups.To help establish grassroots farmers in the communities and run by committee of leading farmers in the communities to ensure efficient monitoring and evaluation, efficient distribution of resources and dissemination of information from and to the main center NGOW-TP.

p.o. box 9042,kisumu,kenya. Tel 254-721312739 let us fight against poverty and malnutrition in the community.

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