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ASMR YouTubers that will make you fall asleep

What is ASMR?

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response is a growing trend on YouTube. These sounds are very relaxing and are triggered by placid sights and sounds including accents, whispers, repetitive sounds and many others. This experience causes a static-like and tingling sensation on the skin which people enjoy. Today, many are turning to YouTube to watch and listen to YouTube videos that cause this “tingly” response.

Why ASMR is so Popular

ASMR is such a popular trend right now because many people love the feeling that it causes. For some, ASMR helps them sleep at night. Others do it to help them relax after a long day when they just need something to help them get away from reality. Now, since ASMR is very calming and relaxing more and more people are becoming aware of ASMR resulting in more popularity.

Here are our personal top 3 YouTubers that will make you sleep

Bob Ross

Bob Ross was an American Landscape artist who some say founded ASMR. He taught techniques in videos to paint quickly and easily. Following this, many people began to watch these videos just to hear his soothing voice. His fans say that his voice is very deep and calm. The calmness of his voice resulted in him becoming an “icon” to the ASMR community.

Heather Feather

Heather Feather is known as an “ASMRtist” meaning that she creates only ASMR YouTube videos.  Her videos help people fall asleep and relax. Also, they give viewers the “tingly” feeling that many are striving for.


Another popular YouTuber for ASMR is GentleWhispering. Her channel is the place for relaxing and gaining peacefulness. Also, she created her channel in 2011 with the goal of spreading peaceful feelings. Her channel includes softly spoken videos, role plays, visuals, and many more. Therefore, these videos help people attain the “tingly” feeling that they are trying to receive to help them relax or sleep.



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