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Who Lives in The Clout House?

The Clout House; a multi-million dollar mansion located in Hollywood Hills, LA, is home to some of the richest and most popular YouTubers in the world. The group identifies as the ‘Clout Gang,’ a group formed in rivalry of Jake Paul’s Team 10. On August 19th, 2017, the three founding members tweeted ‘#cloutgang’ at 7:11 pm, solidifying them as a huge presence on social media.
The trio who started ‘Clout Gang’ and who were the first residents of the Clout House are some of the most well known current social media influencers.

#1 – FaZe Banks

Real name Ricky Banks, he has a demanding presence on the gaming scene as the Chief Operating Officer of the dominating FaZe gaming clan. Aside from being a pro gamer, he is also a music producer and self-proclaimed “Internet Gangster” with a net worth of $2 million. His girlfriend, Alissa Violet, also helped found Clout Gang.


#2 – Alissa Violet

After a nasty breakup with Jake Paul and removal from Team 10, Alissa and Banks started dating. Ricegum, the third founder of Clout Gang, took her side in the breakup, and helped her create a diss track directed towards Jake Paul titled “It’s EveryNight, Sis.” The diss track was a response to a video from Jake that also featured Alissa’s ex-best friend, Tessa Brooks.


#3 – RiceGum

Bryan Quang Le, under the screen name ‘Ricegum,’ exploded in popularity due to his vlogging and diss tracks. He currently has over 10 million Youtuber subscribers and almost 2 billion overall views. Additionally, the diss track he made with Alissa Violet went platinum and was ranked on the US Billboard HOT 100, making him one of the first YouTubers to accomplish both achievements. He completes the trio of Clout Gang’s founding members.


#4 – Sommer Ray

Update: Sommer Ray moved out and now lives in her own house. Watch the video here

Fitness vlogger and model Sommer Ray has garnered over 18 million Instagram followers with her fit and fine posts. There are rumors that she has previously dated Ricegum. Non the less the two count each other as close friends. Her social media fame landed her a spot on MTV’s ‘Wild ‘n Out’ in 2017.


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#5 WolfieRaps

Update: Wolfie no longer lives in the Clout House

Real name Charles Raynor, WolfieRaps is a comedian and rapper with more than 7 million subscribers on Youtube. He gained popularity through rap covers and remixes of music by artists such as Drake and Justin Bieber. He now raps, vlogs, and creates comedy challenges, netting him an estimated worth of $1.6 million.


#6 – Carrington Durham

Instagram model and aspiring actress Carrington Durham appeared on several web and television series, such as “Teens Wanna Know” and “90210.” She now pursues Youtube, growing her web presence with vlogs, pranks, and makeup tutorials.


#7 – TeaWap

TeaWap is a video editor who gained moderate fame editing for FaZe Adapt and some members of Clout Gang, such as Faze Banks. He made a name for himself in his own right by creating comedic edits of Fine Bros React videos, some of which have amassed millions of views. He’s one of the younger members of the Clout House at 17 years old.


#8 – Ryan Swaze

Ryan Swaze is a comedy vlogger with more than 700,000 subscribers whose seemingly random videos appear to be popular among his fans. He often collaborates with WolfieRaps on prank videos and comedy sketches.


#9 – UglyGod

One of the first Clout Gang recruits, he made a video with FaZe Banks and Ricegum on August 30th, 2017. A rapper and music producer with millions of views on his music videos, he was named one of XXL’s “2017 Freshman Class” when he performed Freshman Freestyle on June 13, 2017. He was joined by Playboi Carti, MadeinTYO, and XXXTentacion, and the Freestyle video has garnered over 18 million views.


#10 FaZe Kay aka Frazier

Director of FaZe clan Frazier Khattri has over 1.4 million Youtube subscribers and over 90,000 followers on Twitch. At first, only posting gaming videos, he branched out to include pranks, challenges, and daily vlogs. Some of his most popular videos include buying huge amounts of food to share with his friends as part of a challenge series. Originally pursuing IT and game programming in college, he dropped out to become a Youtuber and join FaZe clan.


#11 Juarez Twins 

The Twins got kicked out of the Clout House

20-year-old twins, Dillon and David Juarez, rose to popularity on the livestreaming site YouNow. There they maintain over 120 fans, with almost 4.5 million total views. However, they also have a growing Youtube channel. Featuring on their channel are sporadic uploads of vlog and challenge videos. Although it only has 47,000 subscribers, the twins still maintain popularity, with help in part to fellow Clout Gang members such as TeaWap, who appear in some of their videos.

The Clout House is a residence full of clearly popular and talented content creators that cover a wide variety of interests that help them stay fresh and relevant. Their media are ones to watch to stay abreast of social media influences and trends.

Who of the Clout House roommates would you like to see collaborate? Let us know in the comments down below

Update by FaZe Banks:

The Clout Gang also has the two houses next door now. They are following the concept of bringing YouTubers together, making them live in the same space for the ease of collaboration.



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