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120 of the Most Popular Gay YouTubers on the Internet to Date

In today’s society, there are countless examples of LGBT YouTubers.  LGBT YouTubers are able to share their advice, entertain viewers, and empower the LGBT community through their videos.  Also, many LGBT YouTubers are advocates for social change and encourage viewers to stand up and speak out. YouTube is a platform where everyone has a voice no matter their gender, sexuality, and race which allows many opportunities for YouTubers to influence their viewers. In this article, you will read about 120 LGBTQ+ YouTubers and what makes them special.

1) Connor Franta

Connor Franta is a famous YouTube vlogger who made a Coming out video to share that he is gay. In his video titled “Coming Out,” he tells fans how he worked through his sexuality first and then told family and friends. After this, he decided to share his new news to his fans. Also, Connor Franta makes lifestyle videos and other vlogs which are enjoyed by thousands of people. His family and friends have been very supportive of him being gay. Franta also tells encourages watches to come out as well if they have not already by saying it would “be okay.”

2) Troye Sivan

Famous YouTuber and singer, Troye Sivan announced that he was gay in a vlog. In his video, he said that “this is not something that I’m ashamed of.” Also, He tells viewers about the impact that his sexuality has had on his career. Additionally, Sivan came out as gay right before he signed his record deal. He did this because he didn’t want to sign as “closeted.”

3) Tyler Oakley

Tyler came out as gay when he was 13 and did not have a YouTube channel at the time. His mom was okay with him being gay but it was difficult for his dad to understand. After some time, Tyler’s dad slowly became okay with his son’s sexuality. Tyler Oakley started his YouTube channel when he was 18 and was already very comfortable with his sexuality so he never made a coming out video. Also, There have been some questions about his sexuality but he has told fans that he is gay and their assumptions are correct.

4) Joey Gracceffa

Joey Gracceffa had been uploading YouTube videos for 8 years before he decided to come out to his fans. To come out, he uploaded a music video called “don’t wait” and ended the video with him kissing a man which shocked his viewers. The day after, he posted another video with the title “Yes I’m gay.” In this video, He speaks about his decision to come out as gay and talks about his sexuality.

5) Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank, also known as Fred Figglehorn from Nickelodeon shows. He came out as gay in the video with Jennifer Veal titled “are you gay?” He had known he was gay for about 3 years before he decided to come out to the internet. Instantly after he came out, he received an endless amount of support and is happy with his decision to come out.

6) Trevor Moran

Trevor Moran came out as gay through a music video and then later verbalized his coming out. In the video, he had a hard time saying “I’m Gay” because he had a hard time accepting his sexuality. His song called “I wanna fly” is about him being gay and finally coming out to his millions of fans.

7) Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall is a gay man who is African American. He expresses the extreme struggles that he faces due to his sexuality and ethnicity. He hopes to become an inspiration for other LGBTQ Youth like him. Todrick became popular after he reached the semi-finals of American Idol in 2010.

8) Charly Cheer

Charly is a bisexual YouTuber who vlogs about her life and travels. She travels frequently and moves from place to place to experience all that is there. Charly has visited places such as Mexico, Cambodia, Europe, Korea, and Vietnam.

9) Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is an actor, scriptwriter, and YouTuber. He first started out on Vine, and then moved to YouTube after Vine shut down. His videos include comedy skits, singing, pranks and talking about social justice. Also, He came out as gay in June 2017.

10) Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is a popular YouTuber, comedian, actress and an author. She is gay and advocates for LGBT rights. Also, she recently got engaged to her girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko. Also, Hannah is well known for hosting “My Drunk Kitchen” where she cooks something while intoxicated.

11) Bethany Leigh/ Victoria 

Bethany Leigh is a beauty YouTuber whose content includes beauty and style vlogs. She came out as bisexual after feeling this way for a while. Bethany was scared to come out, but she wanted to help her viewers better accept who they are and love themselves. Also, Bethany recently changed her name to Victoria.

12) Shane Dawson 

Shane Dawson, a popular internet celebrity came out as bisexual. This was a very difficult task for him. Shane was in a relationship for two years with Lisa Schwartz. He felt guilty for hiding his sexuality from Lisa, so he broke up with her and moved out. He hopes that his coming out inspires his fans to come out as well so they can be who they are.

13) BryanStars 

Bryan Odell, also know as BryanStars came out as gay in a YouTube video. He decided to come out now because he grew up in a time when being accepted as gay was very challenging. Bryan released a very personal YouTube video to his fans saying that he is gay and his wanting to come out for a while.

14) Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark is a British YouTuber who writes her own songs and produces covers of other songs on her piano. She is bisexual and is open about her sexuality. Her videos feature vlogs, makeup, music and much more. She uploads personal videos talking about herself and what has happened throughout her life.

15) Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a famous makeup artist, musician, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. He is mainly known for his makeup brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His partner is Nathan. Schwandt. Additionally,  He chooses not to label his sexuality and says that he is attracted to whoever he wants to be. Jeffree posts entertaining YouTube videos that feature many other famous stars and celebrities.

16) Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker is a gay YouTuber known for his video “Leave Britney Alone!.” Growing up, Chris was constantly bullied and had a rough childhood. Because of this, he turned to YouTube where he can be himself. He encourages his fans to ignore the haters and be who they are.

17) Dave Rubin

David Rubin is an LGBT advocate and a talk show host. He is the founder and host of the talk show The Rubin Report. On this show, David discusses politics, media, and other issues occurring in society. Dave came out as gay in 2006.

18) Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas came out as gay after her ex-boyfriend allegedly cheated on her with another guy. After receiving hate from outing him, Trisha chose to come out as gay as well. She said that she has been with both girls and guys, but found girls much more enjoyable.

19) Stef Sanjati

Stef Sanjati is a MTF transgender YouTuber and professional makeup artist. Also, Stef gives advice to other trans women. These topics include transitioning, surgeries, voice training, dating, and hormone therapy.

20) Shannon Beveridge 

Shannon Beveridge is a lesbian YouTuber, actress, and activist for LGBT rights. Also, she even won an award at the 9th Shorty Awards for the best LGBTQ+ YouTube channel on YouTube.

21) Sammy Paul

Sammy Paul is a British YouTuber and filmmaker. He has produced short films, sketches and web series. Sammy dated Dodie Clark but then broke up. A year after they broke up, he announced that he is bisexual.

22) Scott Hoying

Scott Hoying is a member of the music group called pentatonix. Also, he is part of the duo that makes up the channel Superfruit. The other member of this is Mitch Grassi. Scott is gay and so is Mitch.

23) Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon is a YouTuber and a musician. He uploaded a YouTube video called “my sexuality” where he says that he does not know what exactly he is. If he were to label himself, he says that he is closest to asexual. After coming out, Ricky received a lot of support from his fans.

24) Doug Armstrong 

Doug Armstrong is a gay British YouTuber who produces “Life Hack” videos. Also, his videos feature cooking, daily life, music, vlogs, and travels. When he came out, he told his fans that coming out should not be a big deal and should be accepted.

25) Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque is a transgender YouTuber and an activist for transgender rights. She began to question her gender identity in middle school and started identifying as genderqueer. Then, in college, she began identifying as a transgender woman. Her YouTube channel features discussions about social justice issues

26) Gregory Brown 

Gregory Brown is a gay YouTuber who runs the channel ASAPScience with his boyfriend Mitchell Moffit. Their channel uploads weekly videos all about science. Both families of the couple have been very supportive of their relationship.

27) Michael Buckley 

Michael Buckley is a gay American YouTuber. He uploads comedy videos and vlogs. The main focus for his content is pop culture events and celebrity life. His channel is one of the most popular entertainment channels. Michael is also well known for his vlog called “What the Buck?”

28) Sarah Rotella

Sarah Rotella is a gay YouTuber and filmmaker who founded the channel “the gay women.” This channel discusses topics about being gay and is a place for Sarah to be herself. The channel became famous after the video “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends” went viral.

29) Rosie Spaughton

Rosie Spaughton is a bisexual YouTuber who runs the channel called “Rose and Rosie.” This channel features vlogs of the couples everyday life. They have been married since 2015. Also, Rosie is a part-time model.

30) Rose Ellen Dix

Rose Ellen Dix is Rosie’s wife.  The couple is known for their comedy and entertaining YouTube videos.Rose is a lesbian, unlike Rosie who is bisexual. Also, she features many other celebrities in her YouTube channels such as Meghan Trainor, Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart.

31) Natalie Wynn

Known as Contrapoint, Natalie Wynn is a trans YouTuber who uploads educational videos for other transgender people. Her other videos on YouTube are about gender, politics, race and social justice.

32) Mitch Grassi

Mitch Grassi is a member of the popular a cappella group called Pentatonix and is gay. He and Scott Hoying have a YouTube channel together called “Superfruit.” Additionally, Mitch never lets him being gay and receiving negativity prevent him from achieving his dreams.

33) Mitchell Moffit

Mitchell Moffit is a gay YouTuber who runs the channel ASAPScience with his boyfriend. He is dating Gregory Brown who he met at the University of Guelph. Mitchell and Gregory hope to be an inspiration for LGBT individuals who like science.

34) Maya

Maya, also known as the transmermaid, is a MTF transgender YouTuber. On her channel, she uploads videos about fashion and beauty. Additionally, she shares entertaining stories about her transition from male to female.

35) Max Emerson

Max Emerson is a gay YouTuber, actor, model, and filmmaker. He created the film called HOOKED which benefits homeless LGBT Youth Charities. Max is an activist for LGBT Youth. His film was featured at NewFest: The New York LGBT Film Festival.

36) Manuel Gutierrez

Manuel Gutierrez, also known as MannyMUA is Maybelline’s first male ambassador and a YouTuber. His YouTube channel features countless makeup tutorials. Manny was the only male to make the “Most Beautiful” list in People magazine.

37) Laci Green

Laci Green is a bisexual YouTuber, feminist, YouTuber, and activist. Her YouTube videos are about sexual education and she hopes to teach her viewers that sex is not an awkward topic. Also, she has even given lectures at universities to teach students about sexual education.

38) King Russell

King Russell, also known as Kingsley is a gay YouTuber, activist, and comedian. Kingsley has worked with the LGBT organization called The Trevor Project and Red Eye. Additionally, Kingsley grew up with two moms since they were lesbian, so he was exposed to the LGBT community at a young age.

39) Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling is a video game critic, YouTuber and a professional wrestling media representative. He also discusses current issues affecting the video game industry such as gender issues, early access games and unethical business practices. In 2014, Jim said on a Fallout4 video, that he is neither a monogamous guy nor a straight man.

40) Jeffrey Marsh

Jeffrey Marsh is a YouTuber, writer, activist, and writer. He identifies as genderqueer and prefers the pronoun “they.” Also, they released their own book called “How to Be You which tells their story of growing up in a small farming town. Also, they work with The Trevor Project which aims to prevent LGBT teen suicide.

41) Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings is a 15-year-old transgender girl who is an advocate for transgender rights. She is one of the youngest people to start her transition as a girl. Jazz even has her own TV show documenting her life called “I am Jazz.” Jazz’s family is fully supportive of her choices.

42) James Charles

James Charles is a gay beauty YouTuber who came out as gay when he was 12 years old. He became the first male spokesmodel for Covergirl. Covergirl is a cosmetics brand that sells drugstore makeup.

43) Jack Baran

Jay Baran, known as thatsojack is a gay YouTuber from Connecticut. His channel features lifestyle videos and vlogs. In 2015, he uploaded a YouTube video titled “I’m Gay” to come out to his fans about his sexuality. Also, Jack hosted a game show on Snapchat during the Grammy’s to ask people questions about the award show.

44) Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid came out as gay in a very emotional video that received a lot of attention throughout YouTube. Her channel features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and vlogs. Also, she has even interviewed former President Obama on a live stream.

45) Gigi Lazzarato

Giga Lazzarato, also known as Gigi Gorgeous is transgender and lesbian. She has appeared in many TV shows such as Project Runway. Gigi is known for her makeup and fashion skills and even has a partnership with the makeup brand Too Faced Cosmetics.

46) Gabrielle Diana

Gabrielle Diana is a transgender teen, musician and the CEO of Into Full Bloom. She helps the transgender community receive recognition and advocates for transgender rights. Also, she documents her entire transition on YouTube from male to female. Gabrielle identifies as a trans woman but does not specifically label her sexuality because she does not think that it is important.

47) Eva Gutowski

Eva Gutowski is an American YouTuber who produces videos about traveling, fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogs. She came out as bisexual to her fans after feeling this way since she was 12. After coming out, Eva tweeted “Accepting yourself as being bisexual is not pledging to be ‘different.’ It’s pledging to be honest.”

48) Elijah Daniel

Elijah Daniel is a gay YouTuber and social media celebrity. He is known for creating the “gay Bible” which was eventually removed from Amazon. In his book, he rewrote the Christian text and inserted references to gay sex and famous people.

49) Kaitlyn Alexander

Kaitlyn Alexander is a non-binary YouTuber from Canada. They are also an actor, musician, and writer. On their channel, they upload content based on LGBT subjects, interviews, vlogs, and song covers. Their vlogs feature the everyday lifestyle of a non-binary individual.

50) Craig Dillon

Craig Dillon is a gay British YouTuber. Sadly, Craig was outed as gay when his ex-boyfriend uploaded a YouTube video saying that Craig had raped him. After a long police investigation, Craig was found innocent. Because of this, Craig had to come out as gay to his friends and family. His YouTube channel features challenges, vlogs, and other forms of entertainment.

51) David K. Smith

David K. Smith is a gay chemistry professor with his own YouTube channel. He teaches chemistry at the University of York in England. David’s channel is based entirely on chemistry with educational videos. He is openly gay and is proud of who he is.

52) Brendan Jordan

Brendan is a genderfluid YouTuber. He became famous when he was filmed dancing to Lady Gaga’s Applause in the background of a live broadcast. Lady Gaga even watched this video and tweeted that she liked his moves. Brendan uses his popularity to raise awareness for issues affecting the LGBT

53) Blaire White

Blaire White is a transgender woman who speaks about extremely controversial topics. Many dislike Blaire White due to her political opinions supporting Trump and her statements about conservative topics. This includes feminists, other trans people, and other minority groups.

54) Anthony Amorim 

Anthony Amorim is a gay YouTuber, musician, and an actor. He even was featured in Law and Order, Burger King commercials and Saturday night live. Anthony is openly gay.

55) Alex Bertie

Alex is a transgender and a pansexual individual who uploads updates on his transition from female to male on YouTube. He even released his own book about being transgender called “Transmission: My Quest for a Beard.” Alex’s YouTube videos are great resources for other transgender individuals or anyone else interested in transgender transitioning.

56) Ambers Closet

Amber is a tomboy lesbian who is a YouTuber, actress, and an activist for equality. Her videos mainly focus on LGBT content. Also, she uploads challenges, motivational videos, fashion, and vlogs. Amber and her girlfriend produce many videos together which make their fans happy.

57) ElloSteph

ElloSteph is known for being a YouTuber along with being an LGBT rights activist. She is a lesbian and is dedicated to decreasing discrimination towards LGBT individuals. On her channel, she voices her opinion and inspires others to stand up for themselves against discrimination. Previously, she was known for dating Madison Clark who is another famous social media star. They were known as the “most popular American lesbian couple.”

58) Carlie and Doni

The comedy duo, Carlie and Doni are both lesbians. They upload songs about their experiences such as being single, unemployed and many more. Also, they upload comedic videos as well. One of their popular segments is called “wake n’ bake.” They even performed at an AfterEllen party in LA.

59) Sarah Croce

Sarah Croce is a lesbian who uploads content to her YouTube channel about being gay. Also, she is an actress, model, and an LGBT rights activist. Sarah has collaborated with many brands such as Autostraddle, AT&T and Levi’s.

60) Ally Hills

Ally is a lesbian who helps others come out through her YouTube videos. She first joined YouTube so she could upload a love song about a girl that she liked. She became instantly popular when this video went viral. Now, she uploads comedic videos to her channel about her sexuality.

61) Ari Fitz

Ari Fitz is a lesbian YouTuber. She first became famous after starring in MTV’s 29th season of Real World: Ex-Plosion. Also, she directed and edited her own film titled The Anniversary which was featured in the film festival circuit. Rumors went around that Ari Fitz was transgender, which was proven not true when she explained that she is cisgender.

62) FoxyHotMess

Jade, also known as FoxyHotMess is a lesbian YouTuber. Her YouTube content features comedy sketches, reviews on pop culture and vlogs. Also, she tells many stories of her life experiences and entertains her fans with her outgoing personality. Jade also collaborates with other YouTubers such as SoundlyAwake and Ari Fitz.

62) Tyler Vine

Tyler Vine is a transgender man and a YouTuber. On his channel, he uploads content about his transition from male to female. This includes getting his name changed, top surgery and many more. Tyler is also a musician so he uploads covers of popular songs onto his channel as well.

63) Arielle Scarcella

Arielle Scarcella is a lesbian YouTuber known for her video “What Lesbians Think about Bisexuals.” She also founded the organization “Project Toasty” which is an online outreach program. Her goal is to positively influence the LGBT community through her entertaining and funny YouTube videos. Arielle’s videos focus on what it is like to be lesbian and incorporates many jokes into her videos.

64) Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey is a gay YouTuber and a professional trainer. Also, he is a major advocate for the LGBT community. The content on his channel features advice, vlogs, about him being gay and ASMR. Davey also collaborates with other YouTubers such as Miranda Sings and Jamie Rya Dee.

65) Calum McSwiggan

Calum McSwiggan is a gay YouTuber and an LGBT advocate. He uploads content about gay rights, sexual education, and mental health. Additionally, Calum is a radio presenter and a writer. He enjoys debating current events that are controversial.

66) Jazza John

Jazza John is a YouTuber known for posting videos about current events, LGBT issues, and politics. He is openly gay and often speaks about his sexuality in his videos. Also, he worked as a digital manager of the organization called Bite the Ballot. This organization encourages Youth to vote.

67) Kalvin Garrah

Kalvin Garrah, also known as Kale Blaze, is an 18-year-old transgender Youtuber and social media star from Maryland. His content is very unique to other transgender Youtubers because he tends to have a very different opinion from most of the trans community. He talks about controversial topics on his channel that sometimes can get a lot of hate, but he continues to put out educational content for transgender youth and their families.

68) Fiona

Fiona is a bisexual YouTuber who speaks about LGBT issues and politics. Also, she is a feminist. She is also known for dating fellow YouTuber Riley J. Dennis. The couple uploads content together frequently including challenges, vlogs and their funny moments together.

69) Marisa Eaton

Marisa Eaton is a makeup guru and is also a lesbian. She shares makeup hauls. Makeup tutorials, discussions and Q&A. Also, Marisa gives advice to her fans about relationships and love.

70) Danielle Humayun

Danielle is a lesbian with her own lipstick collection. She founded the company called Elle and Mane. Her company sells hair and skin products. Her YouTube videos feature fashion, beauty hauls, and vlogs. She recently became a mom so her videos feature her daughter.

71) Julyssa Couture

Julyssa Couture is a vlogger known for her fitness videos, educational vlogs and beauty tips. She uploaded a video with her girlfriend Christina in 2015. On her YouTube channel, she also uploads videos about fitness and her dieting plan.

72) Kristin Russo

Kristen Russo is a bisexual YouTuber who works to improve the lives of LGBT youth. Her channel features advice segments for LGBT individuals. She has her own organization called “Everyone is Gay” that is involved with helping LGBT students, families and educators.

73) Amy Geliebter

Amy Geliebter is a bisexual YouTuber, feminist and activist. She is best known for her makeup tutorials and beauty related videos. Also, she is an advocate for mental health issues such as depression and explains ways to help. Amy is an advocate for bisexuality awareness. She uploaded a makeup tutorial representing the stereotypes and issues associated with the bisexual community.

74) Ava Gordy 

Avy Gordy is a YouTuber who uploads comedy videos, vlogs, and beauty related topics. Ava came out to her fans as bisexual through a YouTube video and is proud to be who she is. Also, she is known for acting on Sugar Pine 7, SourceFed and SmashUp.

75) Marissa Farina

Marissa is an LGBT YouTuber who shares advice to other LGBT individuals in a humorous way. Her videos are very entertaining and she collaborates with other LGBT YouTubers. She is a lesbian and was recently married. Her relationship is loved by fans.

76) Connie Glynn “Noodle”

Connie, mainly known as Noodle, is bisexual and anti-monogamous. She is popular for her impressions of pop stars, Disney characters and anime characters. Also, she is a voice actor in the movie Trolls.

77) Camille Beredjick

Camille Beredjick is a bisexual YouTuber and an advocate for LGBT rights. In 2015, she was invited to come to the White House and talk about bisexuality. Here, she talked with the Obama administration about the needs of the bisexual community.

78) Matthew Lush

Matthew Lush, also known as Gaygod and Lush is a gay YouTuber. He is a vlogger and posts entertaining YouTube videos. Matthew was bullied in high school and shut the world out, but now he is out as gay and is so much happier. Now, Matthew can be himself which his fans adore.

79) Kenny Moffitt 

Kenny Moffitt is a polygamous gay YouTuber. He is in a romantic relationship with two guys. Also, Kenny is an employee at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. One of his most popular BuzzFeed articles is “If Physical Health Problems were treated like Mental Health Problems.”

80) Mark E Miller 

Mark E Miller is a gay YouTuber and social media star. He met his current boyfriend Ethan in May 2013. After meeting Ethan, he uploaded his first YouTube video called “My Coming Out Story.” He first became popular from his “Awkward Kissing” Video went viral.

81) Benton Sorensen

Benton Sorensen is a female to male transgender YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, he uploads videos about his transition. Also, he answers questions about his life, the struggles he went through and his journey. In college, Benton had an assignment about “inspiration” and decided to discuss his transition during his presentation. He was scared to tell his classmates but felt that he needed to express what truly inspires him.

82) Ethan Hethcote 

Ethan Hethcote is a gay YouTuber who is dating Mark E Miller. On his channel, Ethan uploads videos with Mark including challenges, Q & A and vlogs of their daily life together. Ethan and Mark met through Facebook in the section called “People You May Know.”

83) Sam Tsui

Sam came out as gay after he married his husband Casey Breves in 2016. He is known for covering popular songs and went viral for his covers. Sam met his husband while they were both at Yale and were both members of an a cappella group on their campus.

84) Julie Vu

Julie Vu is a transgender woman who loves anything beauty and fashion related. She is also known as Princess Joules. She serves as a role model for many MTF transgender individuals and hopes to change people’s negative opinions of transgender people. On her channel, Vu documents her transition from male to female. She is much more confident now compared to how she felt in high school before she came out.

85) Justin Blake

Justin Blake is a transgender 18-year-old social media star with around half a million subscribers on YouTube. He started out his social media fame on a platform called ‘tiktok’ and became the most followed in the site with over 4 million followers. He uploads videos from vlogs to challenges and even updates on his transition from female to male.

86) Raegan Beast

19-year-old Raegan Beast is another transgender individual who has a large following on social media. His YouTube channel where he uploads weekly content and has just under 100,000 subscribers. Raegan takes pride in his fans and tries to give back to his audience in any way he can. He organizes giveaways, and fan meet-ups very regularly.

87) Storm Ryan

YouTuber ‘Storm Ryan’ also known as Ryan Stalvey is a very popular transgender YouTuber. Like Kalvin Garrah, Ryan talks about controversial topics that have to do with the trans community. Ryan’s videos are very helpful to trans youth who may be questioning their gender identity. His goal is to help them see what it is like to transition from female to male.

88) Ash Hardell

With over a half million subscribers, Ash Hardell is a non-binary individual who creates trans-related content on their channel. The most popular video on Ash’s channel is “Calling my mom to tell her I’m trans” with over 7.6 million views.

89) Miss London

Miss London is a MTF transgender YouTuber. She discusses topics about being transgender and about the transgender community. She first came out as a gay boy back in middle school but then came out as transgender after still not feeling comfortable with herself. Miss London often speaks her mind without a filter which may offend some viewers, but many of her viewers find her videos entertaining and enjoy learning about the transgender community.

90) JammiDodger

Jamie Raines, also known as JammiDodger is FTM transgender YouTuber. He documents his transition through his YouTube videos. In 2015, Jamie was featured on BuzzFeed because he took a selfie every day for 3 years to show the results of his physical transition. Also, he talks about issues and topics that have to do with the transgender community.

91) Aydian Dowling

Aydian Dowling is a FTM Transgender who creates YouTube videos on being trans. He recently started a new series of him and his wife trying to get pregnant. Because Aydian is trans, this is very helpful to other transgender individuals who may be considering or trying the same thing. He also is the founder of ‘Point of Pride’ which is a website including forums, articles, chest binder donations, surgery information, and more! On top of that, he has created the brand ‘Point 5cc’ which is a clothing line that supports the LGBT community. Through this brand, he has been able to donate thousands of dollars to transgender surgery funds.

92) Skylar Kergil

Skylar Kergil is yet another transgender activist and Youtuber. His videos include songs and poems about being trans, product reviews, tips on being trans, and updates on his transition.

93) Chella Man

Chella man is a 19-year-old queer Youtuber who has over 160,000 subscribers on Youtube. He is very interested in art, and often draws, and does photoshoots representing what it means to be trans in our world today. Also, Chella is also deaf and shares his experiences through his content.

94) Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams is a 28-year-old Youtuber who moved to LA after High School. While in LA, he took jobs as celebrity news reporters, interviewers, and more. Ryland was living an openly gay lifestyle in LA and hadn’t yet come out to his family yet. After meeting his now boyfriend Shane Dawson, Ryland decided to come out to his family and friends. So, He now lives a happy life in LA with his boyfriend Shane, and his two dogs, and a cat.

95) Garrett Watts

Garrett Watts, a friend of Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams creates Youtube videos on his channel with over 2.3 million subscribers. He is openly gay but doesn’t make videos on being an activist, but instead focuses on creating comedic videos and skits. Also, Garrett has become an extremely popular and loved part of Shane Dawson’s videos.

96) Chase Ross

Chase Ross or UpperCaseChase1 is a very popular transgender Youtuber. He has been documenting his transition ever since 2010 when his channel was created. Additionally, Chase’s most popular videos are his product reviews and educational videos about being trans. These are helpful to transgender youth who are questioning themselves and their gender.

97) Annie Elainey

Annie Elainey is a woman of color who is queer. Also, she believes that no part of the LGBTQ community is forgotten. Annie also discusses gender, race, disability, mental health and many more. She is an activist for LGBTQ rights.

98) Miles Aaron McKenna

MilesChronicles, also known as Miles, is a FTM transgender YouTuber. He creates comedic vlogs and videos based on his gender identity and sexuality. Also, Miles headlined two nationwide tours and starred in “Guilty Party.”

99) Alexis G. Zall 

Alexis G. Zall is a vlogger who is lesbian. Alexis came out through her birthday video “18 Tips for 18 Years” where she tells what she has learned over the past year. Also, her tips include topics such as happiness and friendship. Alexis came out by saying “It is totally okay to be a girl who likes girls or a boy who likes boys, me personally, I am a girl who likes girls.”

100) Ella Grant 

Ella Grant is a vlogger on YouTube who posts videos about her life being a transgender woman. Also, she discusses Canadian political, events that she goes to and other entertaining topics. Also, Ella realized that she was transgender after asking her mom to buy her dresses even though she was a male.

101) AngelaVanity 

Angela Vanity is a transgender woman who hopes to encourage her fans to live happily and think positive. On her channel, she discusses her transition and everything beauty related. Angela also speaks about her experiences as a transgender woman in today’s society.

102) Austin and Aaron Rhodes 

The Rhodes Bros are fraternal twins who are also both gay. The twin’s sexualities were known by their fans but their dad didn’t until January 14th, 2015. The twins uploaded the video of them coming out to their dad called “Twins Come out to Dad.” This video went viral due to their dad’s response of “I love you both. You’re living your lives, and that’s all you can do in life is live it.” Since then, the twins became popular and were even featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show

103) BeautyWithTrinity

BeautyWithTrinity, also known as Trinity Anne is a MTF Transgender beauty YouTuber. Videos on her channel feature beauty tutorials and about her transition. Trinity began her transition in her junior year of high school and has come a long way since then. Her most popular video in “Male to Female Transgender Timeline.”

104) NickCamryn

Nick Camryn is a teen FTM transgender YouTuber. On his channel, Nick uploads videos about his transition and the difficulties that he faces. Also, Nick uploads informational videos with advice for other trans men. He hopes that his story and advice will help other trans men dealing with the same things he is dealing with.

105) Elena Genevinne

Elena Genevinne is a MTF transgender beauty YouTuber. She first started her YouTube channel as John Luuu and identified as a male. Now she goes by Elena Genevinne and is very popular. Elena’s videos feature makeup, vlogs, and anything beauty related.

106) Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun is a MTF transgender YouTuber. Her video content features her transition, challenges, beauty tutorials, and inspirational videos. Also, Nikita hopes to inspire trans youth with her videos. She is also a feminist and an LGBT activist. Additionally, she partners with brands such as Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

107) Elle Bradford

Elle Bradford is a YouTuber who uploads videos about beauty and fashion. She came out as transgender when she was 15. Additionally, Elle released an article for Teen Vogue called “You won’t believe how much it costs to be a transgender in America.” In this article, she states the prices of everything that she has had to pay for her transition from male to female. This includes surgeries and hormone therapy. Also, Elle Bradford hopes to express the struggles that transgender individuals face while transitioning.

108) Riley Dennis

Riley Dennis is a non-binary transgender woman. She is a YouTuber, public speaker, author and an activist for the transgender community. Riley’s channel features content based on the LGBT family, intersectionality and feminism. Also, she is a writer for Everyday Feminism which is a website about social justice issues.

109) Eliel Cruz

Eliel Cruz is a bisexual YouTuber who is Christian. He is a vlogger and discusses the relationship between his sexuality and religion. Also, Eliel is the Director of Communications for the New York City Anti-Violence Project. This organization aims to end all forms of violence against LGBTQ people.

110) Connor Manning

Connor Manning is a hilarious YouTuber who uploads videos about self-love, mental health, addiction, gender issues, and bisexuality. He is bisexual and wants his fans to know that it is okay to be yourself even if others do not agree. Also, he hopes that his viewers listen to his advice and live better lives because of it. Connor discusses many topics about bisexuality on his YouTube channel, always with an entertaining twist on them.

111) Taylor Behnke

Taylor Behnke is a proud bisexual YouTuber. She is also a digital director of GLAAD along with her own YouTube channel. On her channel, she talks about being bisexual, volunteering and offers advice for her viewers.

112) Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is a comedian and an actress as well as a YouTuber. She came out as bisexual but does not put a label on her sexuality. Gaby goes back and forth with her sexuality label between bisexual and pansexual. Also, she prefers a polyamorous relationship meaning that she has one primary partner along with other partners as well.

113) Jackson Bird

Jackson is transgender and bisexual. His videos include content about his identity, social justice, and Harry Potter related videos. He is a huge fan of Harry Potter and was a main member of the fandom community. Jackson also uploads LGBTQ educational videos to help educate others on these topics.

114) R.J Aguiar

R.J Aguiar is a bisexual YouTuber. He uploaded a coming out video after getting fed up with the constant comments about his sexuality. R.J’s fans all assumed he was gay, but he came out as bisexual.  His channel consists of rants, comedy skits, short films, and LGBT advocacy videos. Also, he is married to Will Shepherd.

115) Kiera Rose 

Kiera Rose, also known as Scarlet Saint is a bisexual YouTuber. Her channel content includes beauty tutorials, about being a vegan and product reviews. Also, she is a cosplayer, photographer and filmmaker. Furthermore, Kiera is engaged to a man named Alex.

116) Marina Watanabe 

Marina Watanabe is a Bisexual Japanese-American YouTuber. She works as the Social Media Coordinator for Everyday Feminism which is a website dedicated to advocating for feminism. Every Friday she uploads a “Feminist Fridays” video.

117) Jair Woo

Jair Woo is a gay YouTuber who produces videos on fashion, hair tutorials, and DIY. Also, Jair grew up in a Hispanic-Catholic environment, so he thought that he was sinning by being gay. It took him 2o years to accept who he is. He shares in his coming out video that he struggled with his sexuality for a long time.

118) Patrick Starr

Patrick Starr is a gay makeup YouTuber. He loves makeup and photography. Patrick uploads countless makeup tutorials on his channel and has even done Kim Kardashian’s makeup. He collaborates with other YouTubers, celebrities and influencers.

119) Ethan Zachery Scott

Ethan Zachery Scott is a gay American YouTuber and actor. He became famous after a heart touching video went viral of his fiance surprising him with a pair of glasses to help his color blindness. Ethan is colorblind and could never see the color purple before using these glasses.

120) Meg Turney

Meg Turney is a bisexual YouTuber, cosplayer and a model. Also, Meg became popular through her hosting work, formally with Rooster Teeth’s The Know and SourceFed. She has also appeared at Comic-Con and many other cosplay events. Additionally, Meg ranked #10 on Playboy’s “25 Hottest YouTube Stars” list and is popular for her modeling.



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