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Biggest Events for YouTubers

Biggest Events for YouTubers

Besides vlogging or uploading YouTube videos, many YouTubers also attend or host large events. These events attract large numbers of fans who want to connect and interact with their favorite YouTubers. There are many different events and conventions for YouTubers. In this article, you will read about some of the most popular events that YouTubers attend such as Vidcon, Insomnia 62, PAX, Minecon, and Playlist Live.


One of the most popular YouTuber events is VidCon. This event is a gathering of thousands of YouTuber fans, creators, and industry representatives. Fans who attend have access to creator lounges, workshops, discussions, several stages, concerts and many more. Vidcon is extremely popular due to the large number of attendees. In 2017, the number of attendees was over 30,000 people. This event allows fans to connect with their favorite YouTubers and have an amazing time while doing so.

Insomnia 62

Insomnia 62 is an event for fans to see their favorite YouTubers from across the world. Also, fans can play the latest games, interact with virtual reality, go into their retro zone and play in their tabletop zone. Also, YouTubers who attend, host meet and greets and events on stage for their fans. Additionally, this event has a BYOC, which is Bring Your Own Computer where gamers can bring their computer set up and meet new players by showing off their computers. Insomnia 62 also involves Cosplay for fans to dress up as their favorite gaming character.


PAX refers to multiple gaming festivals that involve arcade gaming, tabletop gaming, and video gaming. The events include an opening speech from an influencer, concerts inspired by the gaming culture, panels, and exhibitor booths. Also, they have events for fans who want to play their favorite games against each other in their LAN parties, video game free play areas and tabletop gaming. They also have a popular competition called Omegathon which is when randomly selected attendees compete against each other in a popular game for a grand prize.


This popular event hosted by Mojang is all about Minecraft and its fans. In the past, Minecon was a convention for its fans to come to but it is now very different. Starting in 2017, Mojang announced that Minecon would not be a 90-minute live stream streamed all across the world rather than a convention. The stream includes interesting info about the game, community panels and pre and post-show bits. The stream is hosted by multiple hosts, this year the hosts are InTheLittleWood, OMGchad, Yamyxox, Aureylian, and Bigbst4tz2.

Playlist Live

Another large event for influencers is Playlist live. Playlist Live is a three-day event where the top YouTube creators give their fans a chance to meet them, live performances, and give information about their content creation. The first day of the event focuses on learning about the business of creating and producing by YouTubers on the internet. Also, YouTubers host workshops for smaller creators to advance their channels. The following two days are for connecting fans to YouTubers and having fun.



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