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How to Collaborate with YouTubers Online

Collaboration is at the heart of YouTube content creation. Finding other YouTubers with similar or complementary channels and working with them to create something new can be a fun and rewarding experience. It also helps channel growth by introducing two separate audiences to the other creator, resulting in double the views and, hopefully, double the subscribers. There are many tools out there to find channels that could help you grow, no matter the size of your channel. Here are a few.

#3 – Collab Creators

Collab Creators is a self-described “digital talent network and entertainment studio.” They have created an incredible tool for established YouTubers with dedicated audiences. Collab Creators have constructed a platform to launch known YouTubers to new heights and profits. Among their offerings are Partner Managers, one-on-one advisors for creators. They also offer rights management in the form of CollabDRM. This name might be familiar to fans of Pewdiepie. CollabDRM is the company who filed a copyright claim against one of Pewdiepie’s videos on behalf of twitch streamer Alinity. Collab also leverages their connections and expertise to cross-promote and grow their users brands on multiple social media platforms.

#2 – SideKick Collab

SideKick is a startup that’s all about helping smaller Twitch streamers and YouTubers grow through collaboration. They encourage their creators to break away from the follow-for-follow culture and work together to create fresh, engaging content. Although the site is still in beta, they already have over 7,700 creators signed up across both YouTube and Twitch. Bringing users from the two platforms together can open up exciting new opportunities for both. While users of the sites do often overlap, it’s highly unlikely that 100% of the audience from both creators would also watch the other. This allows the creators to reach out to a different demographic while having fun creating content. SideKick is currently fairly barebones, but it makes up for this by being 100% free.

#1 – VlogFund

Also, 100% free is our platform VlogFund. We feature collaborations frequently on our blog, and browsing our articles can give you a good idea of what makes the difference between a good and a great collab. Furthermore, you can use our free ‘create a collab’ tool to try and plan what would happen in a collab between two YouTubers, or between yourself and your favorite creator. When pitching a collaboration it’s important to have an idea, preferably several ideas. These ideas will be your foot in the door with more popular YouTubers, if you manage to catch their attention then you’re already ahead of many prospective collaborators. Using our free, simple, and our clean tool will help you plan and prepare for your next big collab.



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