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How YouTube Collaborations Make the World a Greener Place #teamtrees

Mr. Beast, along with many other influencers, contributes to saving our planet by planting 20 million trees by the end of the year. The challenge impressively shows how content creators use their influence to do good.

The biggest influencer collaboration ever

Over 600 influencers convinced their community to donate. It was this collective endeavor to join #teamtrees to plant 20 million trees.

Mr. Beast had invited other YouTubers to join his project on YouTube. He describes the fundraising campaign as “the biggest collaboration that ever existed on YouTube”. Other macro-influencers, like Marshmello with over 40 million followers, accepted his invitation and participated in the project. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer involved in the planning of the project, brought over 8.5 million followers on board. Also, Ninja, Smarter Every Day, Marques Brownlee, The Slow Mo Guys, Jacksepticeeye and many more have harmoniously supported the campaign and helped make #teamtrees popular.



Influence for sustainability

This project is a great way to showcase that content creators are increasingly aware of their influence in society and how they actively use it for a better future.





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