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YouTubers Who Started Out on Vine

YouTubers who Started Out on Vine

Many YouTubers first started out on the social media platform Vine. Videos on Vine were six seconds which was difficult for stars to create back then. The following stars were able to successfully become popular on Vine and then moved over to YouTube when Vine was shut down. For many YouTubers, Vine was the start of their careers and was the reason that they became famous. In this article, you will read about well-known YouTubers who started their careers on Vine.

Jake & Logan Paul

Famous stars, Jake and Logan Paul first became famous on Vine. These brothers began to create comedic skits, pranks, and physical stunts on Vine where they became extremely popular. Logan Paul’s Vine account had over 9.4 million followers. Jake Paul’s Vine account had over 5.3 million followers. After the shutdown of Vine, the Paul brothers transferred over to YouTube where they are extremely successful. Lastly, Vine was the beginning of their career and created many opportunities for the brother’s fame to grow.

The Dolan Twins

Grayson and Ethan Dolan are famous for their Vine skits and now their YouTube channel. Additionally, their vines were extremely funny and entertaining so their followers rapidly grew as time went on. Following Vine, the twins started a YouTube channel to continue their careers. Their YouTube channel includes challenges, skits, pranks and many more funny videos.

GloZell Green

GloZell Green is another YouTuber who started their career on Vine. Her vines were comedic and she gained a lot of fame very fast. She then moved to YouTube where she became quickly popular as well. Also, GloZell Green is known for acting and has been featured in comedy venues, Jimmy Kimmel Live and even The White House. Additionally, GloZell Green’s YouTube Channel features skits, collaborations, pranks and many more entertaining videos.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is an actor, Viner and now a YouTuber. He started out on Vine after he was expelled from school. Cameron is mostly known for his collaborations with the Magcon group. His vines included him pulling pranks on his friends and family which entertained his fans. Following this, his vines eventually made him the 11th most followed account on Vine with over 8 million followers. Now, Cameron posts pranks, vlogs, music videos and many more on his YouTube account.

Jacob Sartorius

He is a singer and internet star who became famous through his vines of him posting lip-syncing videos. Also, he uploaded his first Vine where he was supporting anti-bullying. His uploaded his first video when he was 11 years old. Jacob was regularly bullied and stated that social media gave him an escape from bullying and has introduced him to people who support and love him. Now, he has a YouTube channel where he posts his music videos for his songs.

King Bach

King Bach was famous on Vine for his comedy videos. He had over 16 million followers on Vine and moved to YouTube where he is popular as well. Now, King Bach has a vlogging channel called Bach Vlogs and another channel with a comedy series called BachelorPadsTv. Also, because of his popularity from Vine and YoutTube, he was one of the six viners invited to The White House by the First Lady. This event was held to raise awareness for helping teenagers continue education past high school.



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