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5 Better YouTube Rewind Videos

YouTube rewind is an annual video created by the YouTube team. The video overviews and recaps that year’s trends, viral videos, music, memes, and creators. The videos started out small featuring some of the most popular viral videos of the year. Later featuring Youtubers over one million subs. But as YouTube grew, only a selection of the top YouTubers could be featured and the videos started getting longer. The dislike grew along with that over the years. This year YouTube rewind has become the most disliked video on the platform with over 14 million dislikes. Surpassing Justin Beiber’s Baby with 10 million dislikes. Creators and viewers say YouTube is becoming too commercialized and corporate. They say YouTube is too busy trying to cater to the media and advertisers. But that many dislikes likely doesn’t send the intended message to said media and advertisers.

Youtubers have taken it into their own hands this year to create their own YouTube rewind videos. Let’s take a look, as some of the best creators made YouTube rewind videos this year.

Schmoyoho / Gregory Brothers

Schmoyoho has done it again. They often release awesome songs and videos based on memes and jokes. They released two YouTube rewind videos this year with one featuring a few memes repeated in a fun music videos and this one, featuring a mesh of some of the best memes and notable YouTube moments from the year. This one is my personal favorite. It makes me look back on all the fun we had this year on the platform and appreciate it. Despite the troubles we may have on the platform, we still have fun. This song is available on Spotify,

Yes Theory

Yes Theory has blown up this year and it has truly been a journey. They make vlog style content where they strive to go beyond their comfort zone and achieve the impossible. They help others along the way to reach their dreams and show everyone that anything is possible. This year they released a YouTube rewind on a much more personal scale for the channel. They recapped some of their favorite moments and lessons they learned in a heartfelt video. I can’t wait to see what they will achieve next year.

Dolan Dark

Dolan Dark, one of the most famous meme-lords on the platform rises to the stage. He put in his two cents with his YouTube rewind which was more of a roast fest. It criticized the YouTube company and the notable controversies this year. Through this video, Dolan Dark shows that a faceless jokester is more in touch with the community than the CEO is. This one is definitely worth a watch, even it’s not an entire representation of 2018 on YouTube. Dolan Dark has mentioned that he got two strikes on the video for songs he did not use. If you like his content, consider becoming a member on his channel.


Keemstar from DramaAlert surprisingly jumped in with all his favorite controversies of the year. If you don’t know DramaAlert, it’s essentially the TMZ of YouTube. Obviously, he would feature all the craziness as that is the gossip. It is interesting to look back at some of 2018’s drama alerts. Not exactly great to show advertisers though. But neither would a compilation of TMZ news be good for tourism.

Day by Dave

Day by Dave releases parody songs and this time he released a song and video called That’s 2018. The song is to the tune of Baby it’s Cold Outside by Frank Loesser. In his video, he highlights some of the favorite memes and moments of the year. Some of us will be replacing the original song with this one on our playlists this Christmas.


There’s one thing most of these videos (save Yes Theory’s personal video) have in common. Undying support for Pewdiepie. If you’re not familiar with the YouTube community you might say it is just because of the jokes we made about subscribing to Pewdiepie. You might say it’s a bunch of kids being converted into some internet cult. But the truth of it is, Pewdiepie has done a lot of good and is a generally great person. He makes mistakes like all of us, but we wouldn’t have the fun platform we have today if it wasn’t for him. So thanks Pewdiepie and thanks all of my fellow creators and viewers for a great year on YouTube. Here’s to another great year.



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