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Jack Black Joins the YouTube Party

You know him and love him. One of the most immature but hilarious comedians, actor, and musician. Jack Black has done a long list of acting such as Kung Fu Panda and Nacho Libre. He is now joining the YouTube family. He is another major celebrity to become a YouTube creator in recent times. Notably Will Smith’s arrival on the platform.

December 21st the channel Jablinski Games was made and on the same day a video. The video features Jack Black sitting in Pewdiepie’s gaming chair by Clutch. Jack states that this is his new YouTube channel and claims that it will be bigger than Ninja and Pewdiepie. The end of the video says “every Friday”. We can assume that his next video will be uploaded on the 28th. It seems Jack will be posting let’s play content as evidenced by his channel name and his setup. However, he will likely have videos on food and life as he states in the description of the video. As of December 26th, Jablinski Games has 490k subscribers, the first video garnering 1.7 million, and #20 on trending.
In a comment on his video, Jack makes it clear that his son is doing the production and editing. The description even links to his son’s Instagram, @papasharks. With his son’s help, Jack could gain a better following, giving him tips on inside jokes and trends. His son also may have been the one to put the references to Pewdiepie, Ninja, and Fortnite in the intro video.

Jack Black has been collaborating with various YouTubers recently. Two weeks ago he was on the H3 podcast with Ethan. Two months ago Jack appeared on FBE’s Adults React. In the same month, he was on First We Feast’s Hot Ones. Three months ago he was on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link.

This channel will not be Jack’s first time with YouTube. In August of 2017, he created a channel simply called, Jack Black. The channel has 23k subscribers and features random content mostly from his phone. We all had that kind of channel once, so comes of no surprise. But like many of us do, he has created a channel with the intent of regular content. I personally would love to see his struggles being consistent, as we all have difficulties with it on the platform.

What Does This Mean for Collaborations?

With Will Smith and now Jack Black coming to YouTube, this could spell an era of Hollywood celebrities taking a break from the unforgiving and impersonal world of mainstream entertainment by migrating to YouTube. I have the pleasure of experiencing both and I’ll be the first to tell you I’d rather be a YouTuber and abandon my lifelong dream of acting.
Collaborations come with the package of being a YouTuber. Celebrities joining YouTube could provide opportunities to original YouTubers that were not seen before. Possible connections to business and people in the film and music industry. This will also benefit the celebrities as it will help them grow and be more accepted in the YouTube community. With TV being a dying form of entertainment, online platforms can be a place actors can go to for another avenue for their talents. However, if they come simply for the intention of making money, this could be bad for YT. They could aid in YouTube becoming more corporate or simply turn everyone off them. Viewers want a friend to talk to them on the screen, not a celebrity.



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