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Getting a Tattoo of Your Favorite YouTuber

When you get inked, it’s for life. You want a tattoo of something or someone important to you. Maybe a memorial to a passed family member, maybe something related to your career passion, maybe a motivational quote. To some of us, YouTubers are pretty important in our lives. But is getting a tattoo for your favorite YouTuber such a good idea? Let’s look into some of the best and worst tattoos fans of YouTubers have gotten.


On the first of last December ViloniousTV uploaded a video getting a “subscribe to pewdiepie” tattoo. He states that he’s getting the tattoo because “If we let T-Series pass PewDiePie and become the new number one most subscribed channel on YouTube, then that’s the end of the YouTuber era. It’s the beginning of the corporation era.”. He got the tattoo to both support Pewdiepie and symbolize the struggle of independent YouTubers vs big corporations. Throughout the video, he seemed to feel like he would regret the tattoo. In the end, he stated that he has no regrets.
On December 19th, a small YouTuber of 139 subs called Sr Rapid uploaded a video of him getting a similar tattoo. This video is the first one on his channel. In the video, he mentions the fight against T-Series and then goes to get the tattoo, his first. In the timelapse, you may notice that PewDiePie is spelled incorrectly. The tattoo says “Subscribe to PewDiPie”, missing the ‘e’. After he shows the tattoo and mentions that he is the one that designed it and misspelled it on accident. He states that the tattooist did nothing wrong and he messed up himself. He reflects that he should have let the artist design his tattoo instead. Then, he finishes with saying that it’s funny and he doesn’t regret it in the end.

Logan Paul

On November 19th of 2017, N&A Productions uploaded a video getting a Logan Paul tattoo. Logan often says he’s “savage” meaning someone who does not care about the consequences. N&A Productions wanted to get the word “savage” on his arm with Logan Paul’s Maverick logo. Logan’s catchphrase is “Be a maverick”. The creator doesn’t state a reason other than the fact no one has done this and showing his obvious admiration for Logan Paul. The tattoo itself does seem to be fairly well done, though that didn’t stop the handful of dislikes. This is the creator’s first tattoo. As of the tattoo “high”, he does not regret getting it.


Good Mythical Morning

Three years ago 6tardis6 posted a picture to r/rhettandlink. The tattoo features the words “Be your mythical best” which is a catch phrase from Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning. They also have a mascot which is a mythical creature called the randler. The name “Randler” comes from a combination of the host’s names, making “RandLer”. The fan states “I’ve been searching for the right tattoo for 10 years, and I’ve thought long and hard about this tattoo in particular, and have gone through multiple versions of it on paper.”. There were people who were critical of the tattoo on the Reddit thread. One user comments, “Next time when you get a tattoo, ask yourself, ‘will I still want this 20 years from now?’” The phrase every tattooed person has heard at least once. The fan responds mentioning how they are almost 30 and they believe they can make mature decisions. They end with throwing back at the skeptic, “Next time you put down someone’s tattoo, ask yourself, ‘Do I really know the whole story behind this tattoo?’”. It seems that 6tardis6 does not regret the tattoo.



Alexlikescookies posted pictures of their new tattoo on July of 2018. They showed off their Jacksepteye tattoo on various platforms. The tattoo is of Septiceye Sam, the mascot of YouTuber Jacksepticeye. Alex mentions on Tumblr that the art was designed by a friend. The art designer and the tattooist appeared to have done very well on this piece. The fan followed up with an update, saying the tattoo healed well. Anticipating the criticism of getting a fan tattoo, the 20-year-old talked about how much Jacksepticeye’s videos help them. Alex says, “Even if I eventually ‘grow out’ of watching his videos its still a nice reminder of the great people I met, the happy times he gave me, the pma I can hold onto and just the community :)” As of yet, it does not seem they regret the tattoo.


Dan and Phil

Tabea Celine on YouTube posted a video in February of 2017 detailing their first tattoo experience. They got a tattoo of YouTubers Dan (DanIsOnFire) and Phil (TheAmazingPhil) jumping in their “tatinof” suits. Tatinof meaning The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire, the name of their tour. Tabea notes that they sent the tattooist a picture and told him to “turn them into cartoons”. Tabea comments on how the process was very painful in the video. Their Instagram shows however, Tabea got many more tattoos since then. Tabea has not mentioned if they regret the tattoo after the making of the video. But…


What do you think? Would you get a tattoo for your favorite content creator? How long do you think you should wait before deciding on your body art? Let us know if you have a YouTuber tattoo and how you like it.



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