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YouTube Silent About Animal Abuse

Peluchin Entertainment is a channel featuring a 15-year-old Chilean kid torturing and killing cats. He also uploads some gaming content, which seems to be the main focus of the channel. But his gaming is not what is putting him in the spotlight. The videos regarding the animal abuse were taken down, but his channel is still up and YouTube has made no comment.


Peluchin Entertainment is hosted by a 15-year-old kid from Chile. I will not use his name, instead, I will using Peluchin. Peluchin joined YouTube in 2014 at 11 years old. He started off by uploading videos of him playing with toys and making weird voices, as kids do. After that, he decided to try and be a let’s player. He would play mostly Five Nights at Freddy’s; a popular horror game for kids his age. He would also play the mobile game Flappy Bird. He later started a couple other games. On occasion, he would soon start to upload vlog like content and small comics. It was then he created his mascot. In a Q&A Peluchin states that he is a psychopath and has Assbergers. Though this can not be confirmed or denied as he is a kid.

The Abuse

Peluchin uploaded a video of him beating his cat and killing them. In the video, you see him repeatedly kicked and stomping on a cat. The cat screams in pain and tries to crawl away when it’s spine is snapped. It’s a horrific video. The videos featuring abuse have since been taken down by him. I watched a censored version online and I could not finish watching it. I tend to have a strong stomach for gore and violent videos. They don’t tend to faze me personally. But even this censored video, I could not stomach to finish. I would not show it to my enemy and I strongly suggest you do not look for it. He later uploaded a video of two kittens he said he wanted to adopt. It was recently reported that that was not the beginning of his abuse of cats. Peluchin has reportedly had a video of him shoving a cat into a toilet full of excrement and laughing.

What Followed

Following the video, outrage ensued. He was promptly doxed by people on the internet. Doxing is finding and making all of someone’s information public. His phone numbers, address, all social media, full name, and everything was released to the public. His house was vandalized upon the release of the information. While what he did was very wrong, this could put him in a dangerous spot. With death threats and his location available, it is a scary situation.
There is now an ongoing investigation into the animal abuse conducted by local Chilian authorities. The Chilian Criminal Code labels animal abuse as a misdemeanor punishable for up to 3 years. Animal abuse is not clearly defined and is left up to the judge to decide. Animal neglect is also not protected under animal abuse laws. This has caused many controversies of animal abusers getting off the hook. However, it would be hard to claim that the video in question does not feature severe animal abuse.

YouTube Washed Hands

Peluchin Entertainment is still on YouTube. While the creator took down the abuse video off of his channel, the channel still lives. YouTube has been on a spree of removing “inappropriate” channels in the recent months. Why is it that channels like Mumkey Jones, who uploaded satirical videos criticizing a school shooter, are removed and channels like Peluchin Entertainment are still live? YouTube has yet to comment on the channel as of yet. But I believe, for the sake of the company image, the child’s safety, and to prevent imitators, YouTube must remove this channel.



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