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A RiceGum and BTS Collaboration is on the way‽

RiceGum and BTS are extremely popular and both produce music. They would create an awesome collaboration with each other even though there were alleged issues in the past. There was a lot of conflicts when a paparazzi asked BTS to do a collaboration with RiceGum, and they did not respond. Fans assumed that they did not like RiceGum and disgusted with the thought of collaborating with him. Even though they were just confused about what the paparazzi said, and was not annoyed with RiceGum. We think that RiceGum and the Bangtan Boys are both very talented and would work well together.


BTS is a famous K-Pop Band from South Korea who Big Hit Entertainment formed. Bangtan Boys (BTS) consists of seven members. BTS won several New Artist of the Year awards for their song “No More Dream.” This song is on their first album “2 Cool 4 School.” Also, their achievements resulted in the group become a ranked number one on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list for 2018. This list ranks South Korea’s most influential and powerful celebrities.


RiceGum is a very popular YouTuber and social media star. He became popular by his diss tracks and by “roasting” other famous individuals. His most popular diss track is “It’s EveryNight Sis” which featured Alissa Violet. He currently lives in the Clout House and continues to increase his popularity through new Fortnite videos like “1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING PIECE”.

New Music for fans

RiceGum and BTS are both very talented musicians so their collaboration would be awesome. Even though RiceGum mainly does rap and BTS is a K-Pop band, they could incorporate both genres into a new song. Their collaboration song would be interesting due to the combination of two very different genres. K-Pop and Rap are both popular genres who many people enjoy so this would enjoin the two and blend together perfectly.

More Popularity for Ricegum and BTS

Both stars are extremely famous and well known across the world. Both fan bases will be introduced to a new artist from their collaboration. New fans may begin to really enjoy BTS’s or RiceGum’s music. This would be very beneficial to their careers. RiceGum would gain new fans as well as BTS.

Long-lasting Friendship

By collaborating together, RiceGum and BTS would create a new friendship with each other. Many Fans will love this new friendship. How do you think they should collaborate together? Let us know in the comments down below.



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