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If You Like Rose and Rosie, Check out These 10 YouTubers!

If you like Rose and Rosie, then check out these 10 YouTubers! Rose and Rosie are a Lesbian couple on YouTube who uploads videos on a variety of topics. They have been together since 2012 and share their relationship with fans through their videos. The Rose and Rosie channel contains comedy videos, challenges, tags, gaming, collaborations, vlogs and many more. In this article, you will read about 10 YouTubers similar to Rose and Rosie.

1) Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are a lesbian couple known on YouTube for their relationship and entertaining videos. Along with their YouTube channel, they advocate for LGBT+ rights similar to Rose and Rosie. When they are not making comedy videos, they make vlogs about their relationship, write original music, and star in music videos. Also, their channel features content geared toward people questioning their sexuality, mental health issues,  and coming out.

2) Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen came out as a lesbian in 2015 and has inspired her fans to come out as well ever since. On her channel, Ingrid posts beauty tutorials, product reviews, fashion, travel, hauls and hair videos. She is known for her upbeat and positive personality and aims to bring a smile to her fan’s faces. Also, Ingrid does not share too much information about her romantic relationships with others but does keep her fans updated on many other parts of her life.

3) Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark is a bisexual YouTuber who writes her own songs and produces covers of other songs on her piano. She is very open about her sexuality and how she feels. Her channel features vlogs, makeup, music, and more. Dodie posts personal videos sharing information about what has happened throughout her life but maintains a positive attitude towards everything. She uploads personal videos talking about herself and what has happened throughout her life. Similar to Rose and Rosie, Dodie uploads vlogs and funny content to make others laugh.

4) Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is an openly gay YouTube with content similar to Rose and Rosie. Hannah’s personality is outgoing and cheerful similar to Rose and Rosie. Hannah is also known for “My Drunk Kitchen” which is a series of segments of her baking while drunk. Her channel also consists of LGBT content with videos like “how to ask if a girl is gay.” She appears in many collaboration videos with various YouTubers and even features them as well in her videos.

5) ElloSteph 

ElloSteph is a lesbian YouTuber along with an LGBT rights activist. She is a seen as a role model to many as she encourages others to accept their sexuality. She is dedicated to decreasing discrimination toward LGBT individuals. Also, she works for BuzzFeed and shares her experiences with the company on her channel. Stephanie’s channel features vlogs, coming out videos, LGBT topics, sex ed, relationship advice and more. Stephanie expresses a personality similar to Rose and Rosie and also uploads similar types of content on her channel.

6) Jess and Mclane

Jess and Mclane are a lesbian couple who share their relationship with their fans on YouTube. Their videos include challenges, vlogs, LGBT content, Q & A and their daily routines. Jess and Mclane first started as a long-distance relationship but are now living together. Similar to Rose and Rosie, the couple shares personal information about themselves with their fans which creates a personal connection between the YouTubers and their fans. Additionally, their videos are goofy but also heartfelt which attracts fans.  

7) Karin and Skyler

Karin and Skyler are another lesbian couple who uploads content mainly about their relationship and the things that they do as a couple. Their videos are very personal but feature a humorous side to them. Their channel includes vlogs, Q& A, challenges, reactions, and many more. Additionally, Karin and Skyler’s relationship is personal but entertaining because they always make each other laugh similar to Rose and Rosie. Karin and Skyler post challenges and reaction videos that are similar to Rose and Rosie’s as well.

8) Berkley and Tori

Berkley and Tori are a lesbian couple famous for proposing to each other at the same time.  They upload challenges, Q & A, LGBT content, collaborations, and vlogs. The couple encourages fans to be confident with who they are. Similar to Rose and Rosie, Berkley and Tori share a loving relationship and upload videos about their fun experiences together. Additionally, they upload videos of them completing interesting challenges such as “ candy kissing challenge” and “extreme couples yoga challenge.” 

9) Arielle Scarcella

Arielle Scarcella is a lesbian YouTuber. She aims to positively influence the LGBT community through her entertaining and funny videos. Arielle’s videos focus on what it is like to be lesbian and anything LGBT related. Video content on her channel includes body positivity, reviews, LGBT Stories, challenges, and sex education. Arielle always adds humor to her videos to make her fans laugh similar to Rose and Rosie.

10) Alexis and Lillian Alexis and Lillian are a lesbian couple who post a variety of different types of videos. They started out as a long-distance relationship bit recently moved in together. They share information about what is happening in their lives such as moving, traveling, and their adventures together. Also, they upload content about the LGBT community, being a lesbian, how to make a long-distance relationship work and more. Similar to  Rose and Rosie, they upload challenges and tags.



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