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Recently we’ve had some great collabs. With Gordon Ramsay finally on Hot Ones and Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye collaborating for the first time since Pewdiepie’s n-word controversy in September 2017. Coming up could be the collab we’ve all been waiting for. Will Elon Musk host Meme Review? Let’s just jump into it.


Gordon Ramsay on Hot Ones


Gordon Ramsay Inevitable Collab

Our favorite angry T.V chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on First We Feast’s Hot Ones on January 24th. Gordon Ramsay has 7 hit TV shows and more than a dozen restaurants. Sean Evans, the host, mentions that they started Hot Ones four years ago. Ever since the first episode, they were “bombarded with requests to get Gordon Ramsay on this show.”. Gordon himself even mentions how his children pressured him into it. Finally, the wishes of the fans have come true.

What is Hot Ones?

Hot Ones is a show on the channel First We Feast where Sean Evans sits down with a guest to eat chicken wings with very spicy hot sauce. The hot sauce progressively gets hotter and hotter, testing the limits of the guests. Meanwhile, the guest has to answer interview questions.

The Collaboration

On this episode of Hot Ones Ramsay talks about his favorite chefs both young and old, about horrible things he’s seen, to great recipes, to the types of people he’s met on his journey. But eventually the hot sauce get’s to him and he pulls remedy after remedy out of his Marry Poppins bag. This is definitely a collaboration you’ll want to watch. We’ve been waiting for it, and they did not disappoint.


Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye


Pewdiepie’s  Collaborations

Back in September of 2017, Pewdiepie slipped a certain word during a stream of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Felix apologized but the mainstream media did not forgive. Pewdiepie doesn’t tend to collaborate much these days, aside from his editor, Brad (BradWoto) and YouTube friend Jacksepticeye. However, after his controversies, Jack stopped collaborating with his friend for a long while. A few months ago they both reacted to each other’s videos playfully. But now Jacksepticeye has officially uploaded a video on January 23rd of the two playing a game together in VR. This is the first real collab since June of 2017. Has all been forgiven?

What Did They Play?

The game they play is called Arizona Sunshine and is played on the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset. Arizona Sunshine is a first-person shooter in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested Arizona. The game features an option for online multiplayer Co-Op which the two Youtubers played through.

The video is on Jacksepticeye’s channel, therefore you’re viewing from only his point of view. The two battle zombies, set off a rocket, and enjoy the hilarity that ensues in VR. The two are their usual funny selves with some edgy humor throughout. If you don’t mind a little edgy humor and you love gaming, give this one a watch.


Elon Musk Hosting Meme Review?




Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink. He is also the co-founder of Paypal, Zip2, and OpenAi. He’s the chairman of SolarCity, and not to mention the founder of The Boring Company. But he’s not the rich old billionaire everyone loves to hate. Elon Musk has gained a lot of respect and love from online communities and young people all over the world. He always defies the rules and does whatever sounds fun or useful to society. He’s proved himself to not be only a selfish rich guy that hoards everything for himself. He uses his knowledge, finances, and power to help others and further mankind. The internet loves people who are genuine and interact with people socially lower than themselves. People who put their personality out there and get involved with the silly fun all us working class have.

What is Meme Review?

Pewdiepie has a running show on his channel called Meme Review. In these videos, he looks at a meme type and talks about its history and his opinion of it. He finishes each meme review by clapping a couple times signaling the “death” of the meme. Death of a meme referring to it going out of style. Many fans of the channel ask for guests to host the show for fun. In early November of 2018, Ben Shapiro hosted Meme Review with a few memes relating to himself.

The Proposal & Reaction

On January 27th, Elon Tweeted a picture of himself with the caption, “Host meme review?”. Before this, Felix has called out several times, jokingly asking Elon to host meme review. Until now the call was unanswered. After Tweeting that, Pewdiepie responded with sharing the tweet with “Don’t shoot. Please host. We need this.”. Other big YouTubers showed their excitement for the collaboration. Jacksepticeye commented, “What a time to be alive!”, while Mr. Beast commented, “I triple dog dare you to host meme review.”. Elon responded to this with “$5” and Mr. Beast offered $5 and offered to buy a Tesla. Joey (The Anime Man) announced that he will buy Tesla stock if Elon goes through with it. Overall everyone is quite excited about this collaboration.


What Collaborations are you excited for?



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