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10 YouTubers Who Don’t Like Each Other

Let’s cut to the chase, YouTube is full of great things, but face it, it wouldn’t be as interesting without its drama. Every day, Youtubers document a large portion of their lives. It’d be silly to think that their lives are full of sunshine and rainbows.
From YouTubers shading each other to beauty guru drama, life can get messy! In addition, we all (their subscribers and viewers) become a part of it, so YES, we need to keep up, honey! Follow me as I spill some hot tea about 10 YouTube beefs of all time!

#1 Laura Lee vs Blndsundoll4mj

The drama regarding Laura Lee is a recent and big one because she was called out over a racist Tweet from a few years ago. Not only did that put her under fire, made her lose thousands of subscribers (and it continues!), and got dropped by large makeup companies (Ulta Beauty, Morphe, etc.) She fueled the fire by uploading an apology video that was clearly dramatized and fake, which made her seem ingenuine. As if that wasn’t already bad enough, another popular YouTuber named Trisha Paytas (Blndsundoll4mj) called out Laura Lee in a video regarding her fake apology, fake tears, and inability to own up to her mistakes. Watch Laura

Lee’s apology video:

DRAGS Laura Lee:

#2 Kat Von D vs Jeffree Star

In another explosive drama, Jeffree Star throws major shade at his former friend, Kat Von D over her choice of not vaccinating her baby. He posts a hilarious photo of himself, which states, “Here is an actual picture of Kat Von D’s baby when it found out they weren’t getting vaccinated”. Specifically, this caption was regarding Kat Von D stating that she intends on raising a vegan child, without vaccination.

More Jeffree Star’s shade toward Kat Von D:

Jeffree Star’s shade photo and Tweet:

#3 Alissa Violet vs Jake Paul

From being a cute couple to becoming salty toward each other, Alissa Violets and Jake Paul goes head on head on the internet. After kicking Alissa out of the team house, he claims that he wants nothing to do with her because she was cheating on him. Alissa fired back by claiming that he was hooking up with other women, and that Jake was using her to grow his money and fame. As an audience, we’ll never really know who is telling the truth, so, whose side are you taking?

Here it is:

#4 Alissa Violet vs Tessa Brooks

In a conflict, you would think that your best friend would take your side over anything, right? In another explosive drama with Alissa Violets, Tessa Brooks sides with Jake Paul instead of her own best friend during a previous feud, which caused stray of betrayal and broke their friendship apart. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Tessa drops a diss track regarding her being VERY close to Jake Paul.

Watch the diss track:

#5 Jake Paul vs Logan Paul

Siblings argue and have fun all the time! Not with Jake Paul and Logan Paul, though. After a series of harmless pranks on each other, Logan believes that Jake went too far when he plastered Logan’s face on a billboard, which had Logan have on Jake’s merch, his nose was enlarged, and a tooth was missing. Logan was unhappy with this because he felt that it would affect his future opportunities in movie roles, so he drops a diss track regarding Jake.

Watch Logan diss Jake here:

#6 Kim Kardashian vs Jeffree Star

In another feud, Jeffree Star shades Kim Kardashian by stating that her new powder contour set looked like chalk. Although her makeup brand was insulted by another huge beauty guru and entrepreneur (Jeffree Star of course), she chose to be the bigger person by defending his side and not taking offense from his comments.

Drama alert here:

#7 Grace Helbig vs Jenna Marbles

Grace Helbig dissed Jenna Marbles by mocking one of Jenna’s videos. In her video, she talks about being very depressed and sad in L.A., which then, Grace makes a similar video that appears she is mocking Jenna’s video. Near the end of Grace’s video, she states, “If there’s one takeaway from this video it’s that I’m really sad. And I’m depressed and I’m sad.”

Watch Grace lowkey shade Jenna:

#8 Onision vs Repzion

In a bizarre feud, Onision posted a video calling Repzion a “stalker” and “a creepy dude”, then stating, “I’ve had this little stalker on YouTube for a while”. Later, in an attempt to clear his name, Repzion posts a response video, in which he tries to disprove everything Onision has said.

More drama between Onision and Repzion:

#9 Dee Dave vs LeafyIsHere

LeafyIsHere is known for his blunt honesty and calling people out, but one day, he went too far. This YouTuber mocked an autistic and disabled YouTuber named Dee Dave. Then, Dee Dave posts a video regarding LeafyIsHere being a bully and earning the act of being called out, which also had LeafyIsHere being called, “The cancer of YouTube”.

Watch Dee Dave’s response:

#10 Antonio Garza vs James Charles

Antonio Garza is a new beauty guru who quickly achieved fame through his random and funny editing style. James Charles, a successful beauty guru, started to pick up on Antonio’s style of editing and started to implement these into his own videos. Soon, James started to face backlash over the fact that he was stealing Antonio’s ideas.

Copycat Alert:



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