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Logan Paul’s Flat Earth Documentary


“I don’t know if I’m watching a romantic film, a film about kidnapping and crazy people, or a parody, or a comedy.”



Logan Shocks Everyone


Logan Paul has just released a documentary about the flat earth conspiracy. Everyone has awaited this video, regardless if they like the creator or not. Logan Paul has been in many controversies and garnered a bad light throughout his YouTube career. But people love to hate people who are controversial and questionable. Which is why everyone’s interests were peaked when a video surfaced of Logan Paul at a Flat Earth Conference where he states that he is “coming out of the flat earth closet”. It’s accepted among many that Logan Paul isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this was a whole new level.



iNabber and ImAllexx Perception

Later on, we found out that this was a part of a documentary Logan was working on. March 10th is when Logan released the trailer for the video. YouTube creators had fun analyzing the video and digging into their predictions. iNabber and ImAllexx collaborated to check out the trailer, becoming confused as to what exactly the documentary is and where Logan stands in the debate. They also pointed out how they believe Logan is trying to copy Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory documentary which pulled in 36 million views.



H3H3 Podcast Thoughts

Ethan and Hila of H3H3 talked about the trailer as well. It’s clear Ethan has a little bias against the trailer as he hates everything and states “I hate him.”. Ethan watches the trailer, bit by bit, and nitpicks the small things, makes fun of everyone in the video. Even calling Logan Paul’s friend dumb looking and criticizing a girl for not wearing a bra. Unfortunately, Ethan does not make any predictions for the video and simply ends with, “Yeah, I’m not watching that.”.



The Trailer Content

The Intro

The trailer opens up to a shot of the curved earth and Logan’s voice “Conspiracy theories.”. There are audio clips of people’s conspiracy theory discussions over clips of Illuminati symbol and from other conspiracy videos. We see Logan’s Maverick bird logo which, I’m going to be honest, is pretty cool and my favorite part. We then have Logan asking a friend “I’m asking you as a friend, do you think the earth is flat?”. Insert dramatic clips of flat earthers.

The Kid

Then we have Logan sitting on a tiny kids chair with a paper that has a stick figure drawn on it, asking a child what shape the earth is. The child says it is flat and explains why he thinks that. Logan dramatically looks to the camera and we get a shot of some polar ice thing. Then a few shots of Logan and his friends going to a flat earth convention.

Conspiracy Convention

We then have a man I’m assuming is the head of this flat earth society, talking. “The truth will set you free.” More confused dramatic looks from Logan. We then have short clips of flat earthers Logan spoke with. My favorite being a man who says, “We don’t have toilet water flying out on people in Australia because of gravity.”. More dramatic shots over the voice of the assumed leader, “And people think we’re crazy?” and then a clip of a bunch of people saying “We’re not crazy!”.

The Romance

Then boom! Clips with a pretty fat earther girl. It’s also a live story, bet you didn’t expect that. Then clips of Logan supposedly getting heated and confused. Then a friend of his hits him with a shirt and yells, “You’re not becoming a flat earther!”. Then we have a dejected Logan saying, “Man, Robbie, I just don’t know what to believe anymore.” Throughout the video, especially at this point, the words, “The truth will set you free.” as said by said leader echos. We have dramatic shots and breaking things and then ending with that clip we saw a while ago with Logan saying that he’s “coming out of the flat earth closet.”



Watch the documentary here for yourself. It’s 50 minutes, good luck.



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