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5 Shane Dawson Collaborations To Watch

Shane Dawson is probably one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, right now. He is an original YouTuber, as he started his channel in 2005! As time has gone on, Shane has remained relevant and thrown out videos consistently and reached over 20,000,00 subscribers! Below, you will see a list of collaborations that Shane has done that are worth watching!

1.) Shane Dawson x Jake Paul

Shane Dawson caught the attention of many when he decided to start the series, “The Mind of Jake Paul.” He, as well as the rest of the YouTube world, began questioning whether Jake Paul was a sociopath or not. Dawson and his crew interviewed Jake and others in his life, which made for a very interesting series. Some of the people who were interviewed include his ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend (at the time), and Nick Crompton. Grab your popcorn because you will be here for a few hours, but it is worth it!


2.) Shane Dawson x Grav3YardGirl

In this collaboration, we learn about Bunny, also known as Grav3yardgirl, and her life behind the scenes of her videos. Shane spends time learning about Bunny, touring her house, and asking questions about her feelings toward YouTube and her personal life. As you will see in the videos, Bunny is skeptical about her house being shown because she does not want to be judged by the audience. We learn about the hardships of being a successful YouTuber. The grass is not always greener on the other side! See for yourself, below.


3.) Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star

The Secret World of Jeffree Star is a series that Shane created to understand Jeffree and see what life is like for him. We learn about Jeffree’s personal life and some of the awful things that he endured in his life when he was younger. You can even see a tour of his original apartment that he lived in before his entire life changed. If you have any interest in Jeffree Star, you may enjoy watching this series.


4.) Shane Dawson x Tana Mongeau

If you want to see craziness, this is where it is at! Tana has obviously been very involved in drama when it comes to the YouTube world. In this video series, you will see Tana’s side of things when it comes to the drama at “Tanacon.” Obviously, Tanacon was a complete fail, and Tana has a chance to explain herself in these videos. She gains Shane’s sympathy in this series. Let’s see if she gains yours!


5.) Shane Dawson x Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard has a lot of fun videos on her channel! She is very creative and worth watching! She is known for her time at Buzzfeed, but she left Buzzfeed and began focusing on her YouTube channel shortly after. You can travel over to her channel after watching this video of Shane and Safiya playing with food! These two are fun to watch, so putting them together should be fun, too!


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