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3 Vegan Youtubers Who Will Inspire You

Keeping a vegan diet certainly isn’t as difficult as it was just ten or fifteen years ago. With increased awareness of how plant-based diets benefit both our bodies and the environment, vegetarian and vegan options are quickly gaining popularity. Still, it helps to have the motivation of a few of our favorite vegan YouTubers for when things get tough.

1. Ellen Fisher – Mango Island Mamma

As you might have guessed, Ellen Fisher is a vegan YouTuber and a proud mother who is committed to raising her children on a plant-based diet. All three of her children, aged six, three, and less than a year, have been following a raw vegan diet since birth and are thriving in the naturalistic lifestyle their mother has instilled in them. Her vlog and website have worked to dispel myths that claim it isn’t possible to stay both vegan and healthy while pregnant or nursing and have inspired thousands of vegan mothers worldwide.

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As the author of two ebooks on vibrant raw vegan recipes, Ellen always has colorful family-centric meals to share. To help keep their food sustainable and fresh, Ellen’s family even maintains a lush garden of fruits and vegetables that flourish in their tropical climate.

2. Jenna Marbles

Comedian vlogger Jenna Marbles started her on-again-off-again relationship with veganism in 2010 and has been going steady since 2015. As captured by controversial vegan blogger F r e e l e e, Jenna said in a snapchat video that she’s vegan, “for personal reasons, for health reasons, for happiness reasons.”

While Jenna’s vlog does not focus on veganism, her eating habits have inspired many of her followers to consider plant-based diets and have given motivation to those who might have been struggling. Jenna’s refreshing honesty about the effort needed to stay vegan encourages her listeners to keep trying and to support one another in their journeys. Just one post about having an explanation of her diet in Japanese on her phone sparked 64 comments and over 300 retweets discussing the lifestyle.

As with any difficult endeavor, it helps to have a support network. Jenna is fortunate that her long-term boyfriend and fellow vlogger Julien Solomita took her lead and the couple is now 100% vegan.

3. Kalel

Lifestyle vlogger Kalel has been vegan since 2013. As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” she is passionate about taste, variety, and adventure in her food and wants her listeners to know they don’t have to sacrifice those things to be vegan. Along with her updates on health and fashion, she’s posted several “What I Ate Today” and “Grocery Haul” videos to show how fun and appetizing her meals can be.

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Kalel chose to go vegan to support animal welfare, be good to the environment, and live a healthy lifestyle. She has been daringly vocal on social media about her stance on factory farming and the use of animal products, never letting negative responses get in her way. In her words, “You can hate me all you want for being a compassionate person that cares about creatures and the health of humanity and the health of our planet, but it’s not going to stop me.”

If you’re vegan/ vegetarian or have ever tried to follow a plant-based diet, who would you say was your greatest influence in making your choice or keeping you motivated? We want to hear from you!

Also, if you have an idea for a YouTube collaboration between these vegan YouTubers you can submit your idea here.



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