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5 Crazy Things YouTubers Bought Their Pets

Many famous Youtubers today have pets that they love and some even buy their animals crazy gifts. In this article, you will read about what Jenna Marbles, Logan Paul, Roman Atwood, FaZe, and Markiplier bought their pets.

1) Jenna Marbles – Bike Trailer for her Dogs

Youtuber with over 17 million subscribers, Jenna Marbles decided she wanted to find a way she could take her 2 greyhound dogs on bike rides with her. She made the trailer out of a children’s stroller and added a cover to keep her dogs safely inside. The trailer also has a large bed so the dogs are sitting in something comfy rather than the hard plastic bottom of the normal trailer, as well as harnesses that are used like seat belts to keep the dogs safe if there are bumps in the ride. On top of all of this, she also included a plastic covering in case it starts to rain.

2) Logan Paul – built and designed a whole “Smash room” dedicated to his dog named Kong

Popular YouTube vlogger, Logan Paul recently bought a new house and has been renovating and designing each of the rooms to his liking. One, in particular, is a private room created for his Pomeranian puppy, Kong. The room is built into an unused fireplace and has a comfy dog bed, dog treat dispensers, pictures of Kong, a chandelier, and more.

3) Roman Atwood – cannon to shoot tennis balls in for his dog Zeus

Roman Atwood is one of the most popular YouTube vloggers on the site with his channel currently at 14 million subscribers. He enjoys making vlogs with his family members and teaches valuable lessons to his young audience. Last year, he created a tennis ball cannon for his German Shepherd, Zeus. The gun is extremely powerful and can shoot tennis balls across Roman’s huge backyard. This was a great toy for his energetic new puppy.

4) FaZe – creating a custom room for their pug named Bosley

FaZe Rug, director of the FaZe Clan, and YouTuber with over 7.5 million subscribers created a personal bedroom for his pug Bosley after moving into a mansion in San Diego last year.FaZe Rug loves his dog and considers him his best friend, so the room was a must have. Also, Bosley’s private room has multiple dog beds, tons of toys, and dog bones. Also, Rug bought Bosley several different outfits and sweaters. In the video, Rug’s whole family played with Bosley and got to enjoy his new room together.

5) Markiplier – pool float/boat for his dog to float around in

Markiplier is a very famous YouTuber which means that his dog is, of course, popular as well just like him. He creates entertaining videos featuring his dog. One of the popular videos of his dog features his dog floating around a pool on a pool float/boat. Also, his fans love this video and some have even made videos of this video on loop because they find it so amusing to watch.



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