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5 Actors Who Became YouTubers

Will Smith

Will Smith is a popular American actor, rapper, producer, comedian, and songwriter. Smith is 49 years old and had taken multiple roles in movies and tv shows. Between his busy Hollywood lifestyle, Will has found time to make videos on youtube for over 1 million subscribers since he launched his channel in December of 2017. The channel started off as a way for Will to vlog his tours, and fan experiences, and from there grew to a passion of vlogging his busy life. Will’s videos are all vlogs and he says he’s been inspired to try youtube vlogging by other top creators on the platform.

Ashley Tisdale

Since her early days of acting, she has run a YoutTube channel filled with vlogs, skits, and musical performance videos. More recently, Ashley has “revamped” her channel and now uploads makeup tutorials, fashion videos, vlogs, and videos with her family. Now, The channel now has over 1.6 million subscribers and uploads are consistent.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is another actress who started a YouTube career for herself. After a few seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Shay decide to make a youtube channel. The channel now has over 3.1 million subscribers and has active uploads weekly with a variety of content ranging from travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, and behind the scenes clips from Pretty Little Liars.


During the offseason of his show Steven Glover (a.k.a Steve-O) focuses on creating YouTube videos. His videos include him smashing his cars, doing parkour, fighting poisonous snakes and crocodiles, and more. Currently, the channel has just under 4 million subscribers and has been growing rapidly since the launch of the channel in 2005 when YouTube was still a very new platform. Through his success on Youtube, Steve has been able to do things on his stunt show that he never could, including high budget stunts. Some of these include street surfing in foreign countries and swimming with large poisonous jellyfish along with many more.

Josh Peck

Josh Peck is another example of an actor who became a YouTuber. He used to play the main role in the show Drake and Josh.  Josh’s YouTube videos feature his friend David Dobrik who is also another YouTuber. Additionally, his wife Paige O’Brien has appeared in some of his videos. His videos are entertaining and funny which attracts his fans. He was in Dobrik’s vlogs which inspired him to start his own YouTube channel.




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