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🐈 🐶 These YouTubers have the cutest pets🐰🐕

Many famous YouTubers have their own pets who they love and cherish. Some of these popular YouTubers are FaZe Adapt, Ricegum, Logan Paul, Markiplier, and Jess and Gabriel. Their pets range include dogs, cats, and hamsters.

FaZe Adapt Cat – Barry

Alex or FaZe Adapt has been living with his gaming team since the summer after graduating high school. The FaZe Clan’s first house was located in New York and was paid for by one of their sponsors, Gfuel. Since the house wasn’t theirs, there were certain rules that had to be followed including not keeping pets in the house. Since moving to LA last year, the house rules have changed as the team doesn’t depend on sponsors for housing anymore. Adapt decided to get a purebred kitten over the summer named “Barry”, after his favorite show, the flash. The entire house loves Barry and he has made many videos with his cat. Adapt has since moved out of the main FaZe Clan mansion and moved into a Hollywood mansion with some other Clan members and close friends. Barry now has more room to play and run around.

PewDiePie’s three dogs- Edgar. Maya and Ynk

PewDiePie who is one of the most popular YouTubers also has three dogs along with his thriving career. He has two pugs named Maya and Edgar and also has a Yorkshire terrier called Ynk which is pronounced “ink.” PewDiePie’s three dogs are often featured throughout his videos or are heard in the backgrounds of his videos. This famous YouTuber has a huge heart for his three dogs and cares about them very much. Fans from all over the world are also in love with PewDiePie’s dogs.

Logan Paul’s dog – Kong

Popular YouTuber, Logan Paul decided to get a puppy one day in one of his vlogs. He was offered a newborn pomeranian and couldn’t turn down the offer. He named him ‘Kong,’ and bought him a dog bed, toys, and food. Kong soon became an important part of every vlog, and there were even fan accounts made about him. Logan loves to spoil his puppy by taking him to parks, having ‘puppy playdates,’ and buying him expensive novelties.

Markiplier’s dog – Chica

Extremely popular gaming and comedy YouTuber, Markiplier has multiple dogs but one of the most popular being a golden retriever named ‘Chica.’ Chica was a rescue dog and he got her in late 2015. Her original name was ‘Sephora,” but Markiplier decided to change it because he didn’t want her to have a brand name. He decided to name her Chica because keeping the ending vowel sound would help the puppy learn her new name. Chica doesn’t enjoy being picked up much so she isn’t in much of Markiplier’s videos, but he does consider her one of his best friends.

Jess and Gabriel’s dog – Milo

The married couple ‘Jess and Gabriel,’ run a youtube channel based on their daily life and relationship. Over the summer, after moving into an apartment, they decided they wanted a puppy. After carefully looking, and going through several breeders, they finally found a labradoodle puppy. The couple decided the name ‘Milo,’ for their new pet. Since getting Milo, he has grown a lot and has lots of energy. To keep him busy, Gabriel usually takes him with him when he goes hiking in the Hollywood hills every morning. Even though the two are busy traveling, they always take Milo with them and treat him like their baby.



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