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If You Like DudePerfect, Then Check Out These 10 YouTubers!

If you like DudePerfect, then check out these 10 YouTubers! DudePerfect is an American sports team. It consists of Coby and Cory Cottton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. All members were former basketball players and college roommates. Their content is mostly composed of trick shots, stunts, battles and more. The members of DudePerfect are humorous and talented which explains their large fan base. Their trick shots have even gotten them into the Guinness World Record book. In this article, you will read about 10 YouTubers like DudePerfect!

1) On the Roofs

Members of On The Roofs climb the worlds tallest buildings, bridges and industrial structures without any safety equipment. They film their climbs and take photographs from angles that no one has ever seen before. Viewers are shocked while watching On the Roofs death-defying content. Similar to DudePerfect, On The Roofs members are daredevils who find joy in climbing the tallest structures in the world. A few examples of the buildings they have climbed are the Shanghai Tower, Shenzhen Centre, Christ the Redeemer, and the Moscow Bridge.

2) How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous is another YouTube channel with similar content as DudePerfect. Their content mainly includes trick shots as well. Not only does How Ridiculous upload YouTube videos, but they have also set Guinness World Records. How Ridiculous is made up of three members Scott Gaunson, Derek Herron and Brett Stanford. They are motivated to pushing the boundaries in various situations to create special moments for the world to watch. This channel is unique compared to others due to its wide variety of content.

3) Storror

Another YouTube channel similar to DudePerfect is Storror. Seven parkour athletes make up The Storror YouTube channel. Storror travels all over the world to places like Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Mayan Pyramids and more. Not only does Storror create parkour related videos, they also upload humorous videos such as “Rooftop Monkey attack” and “Jump to boat attempt (DOUBLE FAIL.)Similar to DudePerfect, members of Storror are outgoing and comedic individuals who aim to make their fans laugh.

4) Brodie Smith 

Brodie Smith is another YouTuber similar to DudePerfect. Brodie’s content includes ultimate frisbee trick shots, competitions, tutorials, travel videos and more. Also, Brodie holds 2 Guinness World Records just like DudePerfect.  Additionally, he collaborates with professional athletes. His goal is to beat them at their own sport. DudePerfect and Brodie collaborate with each other. They compete in epic trick shot battles. Both DudePerfect and Brodie create interesting trick shot content for their fans to watch.

5) Nigahiga

Nigahiga is a comedic YouTuber known for his vlogs, acting, How to Series and more. Content on his channel includes podcasts, trick shots, challenges, music videos, rants and more. Nigahiga possesses an outgoing personality similar to members of DudePerfect. Additionally, he uploads trick shot videos which are entertaining to his fans. Nigahiga’s channel features a wide variety of different topics.  There is always something amusing to watch on his channel.

6) Carter Sharer

Carter Sharer is another entertaining channel with challenges, trick shots, vlogs, adventures and more. His channel is well known for its uniqueness of video types. An example is,  “scuba diving in Orbeez swimming pool.” Carter’s comedic personality makes his videos even more enjoyable. Similar to DudePerfect, Carter uploads unique content that other YouTubers have not covered before.

7) Team Edge

Team Edge’s channel consists entirely of competitions and challenges. Some examples of these challenges are sports, board games, escape rooms, food-based, trivia questions and more.  Their channel is filled with humor and amusing challenges guaranteed to make viewers laugh.

8) PDK

PDK is a YouTube channel filled with all things related to nerf guns. Even though PDK does not film “trick shots”, his videos are still action packed just like DudePerfect’s videos. PDK’s content includes Nerf First Person shooter series, Nerf Wars, information about different Nerf Guns and more. Many of PDK’s Nerf Wars are very realistic and in depth. This channel offers a variety of videos to watch about Nerf Guns

9) That’s Amazing

That’s Amazing consists of two brothers who love to make incredible trick shots. They are  similar to DudePerfect but are more kid orientated. For example, That’s Amazing uploaded a Stereotype video just like DudePerfect. Additionally, these two brothers upload a variety of different types of trick shots. Their channel content includes trick shots, dice stacking, collabs, water bottle flip trick shots, frisbee trick shots, and more.

10) Josh Horton

Josh Horton is another YouTuber who uploads amusing content similar to DudePerfect. He uploads trick shots, challenges, competitions and more. Also, he has “World Record Wednesdays” where himself or a guest will break or set a world record. He collaborates with other YouTubers as well such as “That’s Amazing.” Josh’s content is unique and entertaining to watch due to his outgoing and comedic personality.




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