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10 Family-Friendly YouTube Channels

YouTube can be a bit scary for parents who have young, impressionable children. When we view our Facebook pages and other social media platforms, we hear scary stories of child predators who are attempting to manipulate our children to do horrendous things. Obviously, this is unacceptable, but it also seems to be inevitable at times. Below, I will be listing 10 YouTube channels that are family-friendly, so you do not have to worry about your lovely babies!

1.) The LaBrant Fam

This family is super kid-friendly, and it is great for the whole family as well! This is a vlog channel all about Savannah and Cole’s life as parents, and it also focuses on the lives of their two children, Everleigh and Posie. When you watch this channel, you will see the fun activities that these parents do with their children and the support that every member of the family has for one another!

2.) Andréa Matillano

If you are protective over your child who is into beauty and makeup, this is a great channel for them. Many children love playing with makeup and watching tutorials like their older siblings! Andréa has a small, but great channel for the whole family. She steers away from cursing or other inappropriate behavior on her channel. She is also very consistent with her uploads and has a lovely personality!

3.) RachhLovesLife

Rachel has a beautiful family who she always puts first. It is a wonderful sight to see when a busy mother puts her children and family first! She has a beauty channel, but this channel focuses on other video games, hacks, and cooking! This can be helpful for parents and useful for children! Rachel is a great person to watch for the whole family!

4.) Grav3yardgirl

Grav3yardgirl or “Bunny” has a family-friendly channel that consists of over eight million subscribers! Bunny is most popular for her “Does This Thing Really Work?” videos where she tests out interesting “as seen on TV” products. Like the others mentioned in this article, Bunny is also consistent with her videos and has a very energetic personality!

5.) Aspyn and Parker

Aspyn and Parker are a young, married couple with a successful channel of almost two million subscribers. At the moment, many of their videos are about their recent pregnancy announcement, which they are very excited about! They vlog often, and they have a wide range of videos about their daily lives. Check them out below!

6.) Emily Noel

Former news anchor, Emily Noel, has videos based around beauty and makeup. She recently hit a million subscribers, and she definitely deserves them! Emily has two children and occasionally uploads vlogs to her channel, as well. She has a beautiful personality, and those mamas out there do not have to worry about their children being around when they are watching Noel’s friendly videos!

7.) IISuperwomanII

Lily Singh is a very popular YouTuber with over fourteen million subscribers! Lily, also, steers away from cursing and inappropriate content. She is known for her funny personality and silly videos! Your kids are sure to enjoy this channel when they reach an age that they enjoy non-animated content!

8.) Miranda Sings

It is likely that you already know who Miranda Sings is! She is known for her ridiculously silly videos that kids absolutely love! While parents will probably be annoyed by her within 1.5 seconds, she is sure to keep your children entertained. Parents may find themselves laughing once in a while, though!

9.) Molly Burke

Molly Burke is an inspiration to many people of all ages. She is known for the trials that she has endured with a disability. She is blind and created videos about her struggles and victories. Molly Burke is definitely a fun girl to watch and great for the entire family! Burke has many interesting videos about her blindness and how she views the world from her perspective! Check her out below!

10.) Tati

Last, but certainly not least, is Tati Westbrook, also known as glamlifeguru! Tati is a beauty YouTuber, and she has another great channel for those mamas who enjoy watching YouTube but worry about the language that the videos may include. Check out Tati if you and your children love beauty and fashion!




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