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Keemstar vs Kavos

Both Keemstar and Kavos are YouTubers who report on drama that’s going on in the online world. They have their similarities but also many differences in how they choose to address the online news to the world.  In this article, you will learn about each of them and what similarities and differences they have which will help you decide which YouTuber is better.


Keemstar is a well-known Youtuber who owns the channel “Drama Alert.” On the channel, Keemstar covers new stories that are going on in the online world, specifically in the life of Youtubers. Additionally, he prefers to deliver the news stories rather than critiquing the YouTuber that he is speaking about.  Keemstar pays close attention to make sure his content isn’t biased and he even gives Youtubers the chance to be interviewed if they are under fire from a story.


Since July 2014 when the channel was started, he has accumulated over 3.5 million subscribers and still is able to pull in millions of views on his videos. Keemstar also has a gaming channel that he does live streams on. He streams games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG, Far Cry 5, and has over 150,000 subscribers. Keemstar has also had a lot of drama himself when he was racist on video along with accusing people of pedophilia.

Personal Life

Keemstar was born to Italian parents along with one brother and one sister. He was also a lawyer before YouTube. Additionally, Keemstar was part of the FaZe before he decided that it wasn’t for him. Today, he is still close friends with all of the FaZe members, especially Ricky FaZe Banks. Through the years, Dan has also partnered with many organizations including Gfuel, Monitor, and other gaming chair companies, and even has his own merch line.


Kavos has a Youtube channel with over 800,000 subscribers. His content is different Keemstars in the sense that his videos are mostly rants about other YouTubers. He bases his rants mainly off of his own opinions, unlike Keemstar. Keemstar tries to not include his own opinions in his videos. Kavos also exposes many Youtubers for doing wrongs such as faking videos or pranks, mistreating fans, and more issues that come up. Many of his videos are titled “this video will make you hate (insert YouTuber.)”


Kavos also has a second live streaming channel with over 23,000 subscribers but features streams Fortnite, podcasts, and more. Kavos bases his videos off of bashing and dissing other stars which have made him not so liked by other YouTubers. Other YouTubers dislike him because he tends to target the same YouTubers which has caused many issues.

Personal Life

Kavos see’s his channel as his platform to entertain on and doesn’t usually talk about his personal life. He revealed is that he is from a small town in England called Essex, and also has a brother named Connor. He also stopped uploading frequently and left his subscribers wondering why. Once he returned to YouTube, he uploaded a video explaining his recent struggles with mental illness and depression which caused him to stop uploading his YouTube videos. He is now uploading regularly again which has caused him to gain his subscribers back.

Keemstar and Kavos Collaboration

In conclusion, Keemstar and Kavos are both extremely talented YouTubers. Even though they have their differences, they would create an awesome collaboration video together.



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