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Most Popular Couple Challenges on YouTube

Many couples on YouTube create videos together to share their relationship with their fans. In their videos, many couples do “challenges” together to create entertaining videos. In this article, you will read about the most popular “couple challenges” that couples do together on YouTube.

Lick My Body Challenge

The lick my body challenge is a perfect challenge for couples. This is how it works: One partner gets blindfolded and starts licking a body part of the other partner. The goal is to guess as many body parts of the other partner as possible. Whoever guesses the most body parts wins. Try it out today with your partner and get laughing. Checkout out this example by The Strong Empire. This challenge is hilarious.


Not My Arms Challenge

A popular challenge that couples do on YouTube is the “Not My Arms Challenge.” In this challenge, one partner in the couple wears an oversized tee shirt and the other put their hands through the armholes. Next, the couple attempts to perform basic tasks while they are stuck together. This challenge is very funny to watch because it is difficult for couples to get things done correctly while they are attached together.


My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

Another challenge for couples on YouTube is when the boyfriend does his girlfriend’s makeup. These videos are very interesting because many boyfriends do not know much about makeup. Especially not how to apply makeup so the end result is usually very funny. Many girlfriends do not give their boyfriends any hints or tips while he is trying to apply the makeup correctly. This results in the boyfriend creating a horrible attempt at makeup which makes their fans laugh and enjoy the video.


What’s in My Mouth Challenge

In this challenge, one partner blindfolds the other. Then, they grab random items to put in the other partner’s mouth while they are blindfolded. The goal of this challenge is to see how long it takes for the blindfolded partner to figure out what is in their mouth. The foods placed in the blindfolded partner may taste delicious or could be disgusting with items such as edible bugs, weird foods, and many more. This challenge is very funny because the blindfolded partner has no clue what is in their mouth and their guesses may be completely wrong.


Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This challenge called “Try Not to Laugh” another popular challenge. It is where one partner has water in their mouth and the other partner tries to make them laugh to make them spit out their water. This challenge is especially hard. This is because it is difficult for partners to not laugh at each other when one is doing something funny. The goal is to get the partner with water in their mouth to spit it out because of laughing so hard.




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