50 Popular YouTuber Brand Deals

YouTubers choose to create brand deals with companies and organizations. YouTubers may choose to participate in a brand deal because they receive free items to make a review video from. Others do it to receive a commission from what their viewers purchase from the brand. Also, many YouTubers receive money from just mentioning the brand and promoting it, regardless if their fans purchase from the brand. YouTubers and Influencers receive large amounts of money from companies when they participate in a brand deal. In return for this payment, YouTubers promote their products and services.  Here are a few of them:


1) SeatGeek

Easy and low priced tickets for sporting events and concerts.  Youtubers give their fans a code that gives them $20 off any tickets in SeatGeek’s app. SeatGeek is a platform that sells tickets to concerts and other events.


2) Honey

Honey is a Browser extension that helps you find the lowest price on the internet for online shopping. For example, Honey provides coupons for online shoppers and applies them to your shopping cart. Many YouTubers are partnered with this coupon platform and enforce their company to encourage their fans to use this browser.


3) Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription box with shaving razors and other hygiene products. Youtubers often give a code on their YouTube Videos so that their fans can receive a $5 starter box for their first box. This subscription, The Dollar Shave Club partners with these YouTubers and they often receive commission when their fans sign up.



GOAT is an app and website that helps you find new and used designer shoes for reasonable prices. Rather than paying full price, GOAT helps users to find their favorite shoes for much cheaper. Also, GOAT partners with many YouTubers such as FaZe Teeqo.


5) Secret Deodorant

Secret Deodorant is a deodorant brand that sells different hygiene products. This brand partnered with the Merrell Twins. The Merrell Twins created a YouTube video called the Secret Twins Challenge. In this video, they each put on a different type of deodorant, one being from Secret and the other being a regular product. Them, the twins completed a series of challenges to see who’s deodorant worked the best.


6) SpinMaster

Spin Master is a children’s entertainment company that often creates brand deals with YouTubers. With the Cool Maker KumiKreator, users are able to easily make friendship bracelets with a variety of colors. They partnered with this YouTuber to encourage her fans to purchase this toy. In the video, JustJordan33 films herself using the Cool Maker KumiKreator.


7) HuaweiMate20

MoVlogs partnered with HuaweiMate20 and advertised for them on Instagram. HuaweiMater20 is a phone that was just released on the market. MoVlogs promoted this new phone and encouraged his fans to check it out.


8) GFuel

GFuel is an energy drink that is used by many different gamers on YouTube. This energy drink is known to increase stamina and make players better at playing video games. Additionally, GFuel sponsors many gamers and sends them free products. YouTubers have their own codes to give to their fans that give a discount for GFuel. Members of FaZe are partnered with GFuel and some even have their own flavor.


9) GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing is a company that produces different types of gaming chairs. These chairs have high backs and are made of comfortable padding for gamers. For example, GT Omega Racing partnered with Brittney Atwood and sent her gaming chairs for her entire family.


10) Curology

Curology is a company that creates custom serums to individually help people suffering from acne. To help people get rid of their acne, buyers tell the company their specific problems and Curology creates a custom treatment just for you. Many YouTubers have partnered with Curology to promote an easier way to get the skin you’ve always wanted.


11) Ipsy

Ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription box. Users receive 5 different makeup items a month for only $10. Ipsy partners with many makeup Guru’s on YouTube so they can upload reviews of the Ipsy box. Some YouTubers will even give their fans a special code so they get an extra makeup item in their first box.


12) Birchbox

Birchbox is another monthly makeup subscription box. Each month, viewers receive a box filled with various beauty items. Birchbox often partners with YouTubers.  They send YouTubers free boxes so they can review the box and promote their products.



PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It was founded by PUBG Corporation. The YouTube channel ‘Dude Perfect’ partnered with PUBG to create a real-life simulation of the video game. PUBG sponsored their video and Dude Perfect encouraged their fans to download the mobile game on their phones.


14) Lootcrate

Lootcrate is a subscription that delivers boxes of “nerd” loot to your door each month.  Boxes cost $20 per and are filled with T-shirts, figurines, key chains, and other exclusive collectible items.  There are gaming boxes, pop culture boxes, sci-fi crates, and even newly added sports crates for people of all interests.  Many YouTubers get sponsorships that can get them thousands of dollars per month. On Lootcrate’s website, it states that people can sign up to be sponsored, and for each crate bought, the person partnered will get around $8.


15) Razer

Razer is a company that produces high-quality gaming gear.  They offer an affiliate program that can give affiliates up to 20% of a purchase from a sponsored link.  With the company’s products being quite expensive, partners can make a decent amount of money.


16) Kontrol Freek

Kontrol Freak is a company that offers a variety of thumbstick and controller grips for console gaming.  With the help of many E-sports team sponsors, the brand has grown quite a lot and now is a must have for many gamers.  Affiliates get a unique link or coupon code that will give them 10% of the commission.


17) Cinch Gaming

Cinch Gaming offers pro player style controllers for console gaming including Xbox One and PS4.  These controllers have grips, extra buttons, and more types of customization that can help you perform better in game.  Additionally, their controllers can run for up to a few hundred dollars per, and each affiliate who gets a customer to make a purchase using their link will receive 5% of the purchase.


18) Skindinavia

Skindinavia is a makeup brand that primarily sells setting spray and primers. James Charles partnered with Skindinavia and sponsored their setting spray in his “A Day In The Life With Me” video. Throughout the video, James Charles does a lot of different activities to show that Skindinavia’s setting spray is effective. In the description of the video, he provides a special code for viewers to use on Skindinavia’s products.


19) Hasbro

Hasbro is a toy company that creates various types of toys for children of all ages. Also, Hasbro partners with many YouTubers and ships them new toys to review. Some of these YouTubers may be young children or others can be adults who just like to have fun.


20) Vipon

Vipon is a platform that saves users money on Amazon. Users of Vipon save large amounts of money from the website’s discounts and deals. Many YouTubers have a brand deal with Vipon and they advertise for Vipon. In return, Vipon sponsors their YouTube video and provides commission.


21) Coldest Water

The Coldest Water is a company that sells water bottles that are said to keep beverages cold.  There are sizes ranging from 20 ounces to 1 gallon. They offer Youtubers a link to put in the description of their videos to receive a small percentage from each commission made from using their link.


22) Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box is a food chain that specializes in fast food located primarily on the West coast. For example. Jack In The Box sponsored Shane Dawson and he uploaded a video titled “fast food hacks.” In this video, Shane purchased countless items from this food chain and talks about different fast food hacks.


23) Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers and sells millions of different types of items. This popular online retailer often partners with YouTubers. Amazon sponsors a YouTuber’s video and provides them with products to promote in their video. Then, YouTubers receive commission from this brand deal when their fans purchase items from their links provided by Amazon.


24) FabFitFun Box

The FabFitFun Box is a subscription box that comes in each quarter of the year. Each season these boxes feature various types of items for subscription members to choose from. FabFitFun partners with YouTubers to gain new subscription members. FabFitFun sends YouTubers their boxes for the YouTuber to review their review and upload to their channel. Also, YouTubers have a promotional code for their viewers that saves them $10 on their first box.


25) Tweezerman

Tweezerman is a company that produces tweezers and other facial care products. For this brand deal, this YouTuber created a tutorial video using Tweezerman products. Beauty YouTubers often partner with Tweezerman and create product review videos on the items that Tweezerman sends them.

26) BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is a makeup brand that sells eye products, makeup brushes, face products and many more. They sell products online and in-store at stores such as Ulta. This makeup brand, BH Cosmetics partners with beauty YouTubers and mail them new products to review. Beauty YouTubers partner in brand deals to receive commission and new beauty products and their sponsors receive new customers.


27) Home Chef

Home Chef is a subscription program that sends boxes with meals to prepare. These boxes provide all of the needed ingredients to make a specific meal. By providing the needed ingredients, members do not have to run to the store and try to plan the perfect dinner. Home Chef partners with YouTubers to promote their meal subscription box. Also, YouTubers receive commission when their viewers sign up for the box.



28) Trello

Trello is a platform that helps users organize and plan projects. This platform, Trello, partners with YouTubers with the goal of gaining new users. Also, YouTubers paste a link in the description of their video that their viewers can use and gains the YouTuber commission.


29) Graze Box

Graze Box is a subscription box that sends different types of snacks. Snacks in these boxes are healthy and delicious. Graze Box often sponsors many YouTubers to create videos reviewing and eating foods from the graze box. YouTubers also give their viewers a code for free graze boxes.


30) Essie

Essie is a nail polish company that is used by millions of nail polish lovers across the world. Also,  Essie sends out their products to YouTubers for them to review and then uploads it to Essie’s YouTube channel. These review videos include swatches and the discussion of the quality of the nail polish.


31) Nintendo

Nintendo is a gaming brand with many different fun products. For example, Nintendo partnered with YouTubers Jamie and Nikki and provided them with products to use. Also, Jamie and Nikki promoted Labo Toy-Con and Nintendo Switch.


32) War Robots

War Robots is an online multiplayer action game with giant walking robots. Also, it is a third-person 6v6 PvP game. War Robots partnered with the YouTube channel GunsVsGuns. Throughout this video, YouTubers are versing each other with nerf items representing the online game.


33) Nerf

Nerf is a toy brand that features foam-based weaponry, balls for sports and many more. Also, Nerf often partners with YouTubers to increase their customers while helping YouTubers create entertaining videos with their products. For example, Nerf partnered with Dude Perfect and sent them Bows and Arrows to use for their video.


34) Morphe

Morphe is another makeup brand that sells a wide variety of beauty products. Also, Morphe often partners with YouTubers and sends them products to try out and review. Frequently, YouTubers will create a special makeup look with the products that Morphe sends to them. James Charles created a brand deal with Morphe and created his own palette with them.


35) Audible

Audible is an Amazon company that is popular for its audiobooks. There are millions of audiobooks and shows for users to listen to. Morgan Adams created a brand deal with Audible and encouraged her fans to make an Audible account. In the description of her video, she provided a link for viewers that will get them one free audiobook and a free 30-day trial.


36) TikTok

Tik Tok is another social media platform where users can create and share videos. Also, users can create live streams. The platform Tik Tok partnered with MrBeast and sponsored his video. In this video, he is playing a cup game with his fans. He encourages fans to download TikTok and try out their stickers.


37) GoPro

GoPro is a technology company known for their action cameras, mobile apps, and video-editing software. Many people use GoPro to film their action shots or adventures. YouTuber HeyBrittany participated in a brand deal with GoPro. They sent her a box filled with GoPro merchandise and products to use for her surfing videos.


38) Nike

Nike is a well-known clothing and shoe company which sells various types of athletic items. They often partner with social media influencers, athletic individuals and YouTubers. With these brand deals, Nike provides their partners with merchandise and clothing to represent their brand. While YouTubers wear these items, they receive commission and the brand gains popularity.


39) LEGO

LEGO is a popular toy brand that allows users to build anything that they want with small plastic bricks. This brand offers countless creations users can make with their pieces. Also, LEGO started releasing other games and toys such as the Ninjango Spinner. Lastly, this company partners with YouTubers and sends them products to review.


40) Adidas

Adidas is a clothing and shoe brand popular throughout the world. They sell apparel, shoes and many more items. Adidas partnered with Chris Chann and sent him a box filled with their items. Chris then created a YouTube video of him unboxing the Adidas box and promoting their items.


41) Sephora

Sephora is a beauty company with thousands of stores throughout the world. Also, Sephora is one of the most popular beauty retailers and sells a variety of products and often partners with YouTubers to increase their customers and sales. For this brand deal, Sephora sent items for this YouTuber to review through a YouTube video.


42) Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is an American romantic comedy-drama movie. This movie was released in August 2018 and quickly rose to fame. The YouTuber known as Neens created a ‘lookbook’ of outfits inspired by the movie Crazy Rich Asians. This partnership was used to encourage her viewers to go see the movie.


43) Tarte

Tarte is a makeup brand that sponsors many beauty YouTubers. Also, Tarte sends makeup products for YouTubers to review and even sent a bunch of YouTubers on a beautiful vacation. For example, Tarte sent many YouTubers on a vacation to the Hayman Islands and called the vacation TrippinwithTarte. All of the beauty YouTubers who went on this vacation all created vlogs of their adventures sponsored by Tarte.


44) Sony Action Cam

The YouTube channel Dude Perfect partnered with the brand Sony to film a bubble wrap battle video. In this video, Dude Perfect did jousting, scooter racing, and paintball all covered in Bubble Wrap. They partnered with Sony and filmed this video using the Sony Action Cam.


45) The Underwear Expert

The Underwear Expect is a men’s undergarment online shop featuring a variety of styles. Also, they have a monthly subscription box that allows users to customize the colors, styles, rise and more. Sam Collins partnered with The Underwear Expert and encouraged his viewers to check this store out. He also provided a coupon code for his fans to use on their purchase.


46) JetsBetterBoss

JetsBetterBoss is a platform used to help social media influencers find brand deals and partnerships. The platform JetsBetterBoss partnered with the YouTuber ‘High on Life.’ In this video, he explains the purpose of JetsBetterBoss and encourages YouTubers to use this platform.


47) Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a box that ships a set of weekly meals to your door.  They include all ingredients needed to make the meal, and the recipe including directions for how to cook it.  This is an easy way to make healthy meals quickly and easily. Many YouTubers are paid to advertise HelloFresh in their videos, they also are given a link to advertise a deal.  The Youtuber is paid per each purchase that is made using their link.


48) Quidd

Quidd is a mobile app that offers stickers in iMessage.  You can download and purchase sticker packs of your favorite TV shows, YouTubers, games, movies, and more.  Many YouTubers are given money in exchange for advertising the app.


49) UBER

UBER is an app that allows users to request a ride from wherever they are, straight from their phone.  Youtubers can advertise this app and include a link to download the UBER app and receive a free $20 credit for their first ride.  In return, they receive money for each user who signs up using their link.


50)  CallMeOut

The CallMeOut application is for Androids and allows friends and family members to call each other out for distracted driving. They are able to do this through sending personalized messages to their friend/family member who is using their phone while driving. CallMeOut is associated with Chevrolet as a movement to end texting and driving. YouTuber Michelle Khare also partnered with CallMeOut and encouraged her fans to download the app to end distracted driving.




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