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As a creator on Youtube, collaborations with other creators is inevitable. Making videos together have many benefits and challenges. Fans love to see their favorite creators join together in one video. It’s exciting and exhilarating like watching Avengers: Infinity War with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers meet and interact. When the fans in the movie theaters saw the reveal of this union, there were squeals of excitement. Youtubers making videos together creates a similar excitement. Ultimately though, it’s a business deal.


Collabing with other creators can significantly increase subscribers and views on both channels. This is especially true for smaller creators who get the chance to collab with a larger creator. This both creates more revenue, helps the channels grow, and makes fans happy. For small channels, collaborations can help bring together small communities to help both channels reach their first milestones. Take, for instance, the collaborations between Rusty Cage and Mumkey Jones. Two dark, controversial content creators whose communities fit together and help each other grow. Though, Nerd City isn’t too far from those collabs either.


It’s not as easy as you would think. It’s not just about driving over to a friend’s house, recording a video together, and boom! Subs. In order to have as successful a collaboration as possible, you’d have to find a creator with similar content. Not only that but if you live out in, I don’t know, Montanna, good luck finding someone within a reasonable distance. Granted, with some content, you can compile each other’s film from home, but this is not always preferred. Not only that but you have to be able to trust the other creator. Because whether you like it or not, you will be associated after the collaboration. If the other creator gets into some scandal, you’ll be pressured to make a statement. When Pewdiepie was under fire for his nazi jokes, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, who have collapsed with him many times, were pressured into commenting. Markiplier realized a good video about respect, but Jacksepticeye posted a video that appeared to distance himself and his support. This caused some anger from fans. Making collaboration videos should be fun, but it’s also a business deal, and you need to understand that.

Make YouTube Collaborations Come True


Types of Collabs and Good Examples

Safiya Nygaard and Simply Nailogical

Safiya Nygaard makes beauty related videos on her channel. One series she has in where she wears something that is not her normal style for a day. Simply Nailogical also makes beauty videos. She used to completely focus on nails, hence the name, but now she does more of a variety. One thing she loves on her channel is holographic designs. So when these creators came together to make a Holographic Makeover for the day, it seemed like a perfect fit. This is a classic and most common type of collaboration for beauty creators and vloggers. Simply film a video together with a combination theme.

Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Muyskerm (Bob), LordMinion777 (Wade)

Jack, Mark, Bob, and Wade, are all from gaming channels. In this collaboration, they play Prop Hunt together. They don’t actually meet up like the creators in the previous video I showed. This makes collabing a lot easier in that aspect. Though we won’t even mention the technical issues that can arise. This type of collaboration helps creators reach others that are not local, meanwhile collaborating with multiple creators at once. The Prophunt videos with these guys are probably some of my favorite on account that these are all funny guys that create this hilarious series of videos that bring tears to my eyes.

Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young

Jonathon Young and Caleb Hyles are singers and music producers. They do lots of covers of songs and put their own twists to them. They have very similar types of channels, so they collab quite often. March of 2017 they Caleb Hyles posted of a video of them performing The Plagues from The Prince of Egypt. Everyone loved this collaboration so much that the fans begged for more and the duo released a full cover album. You can see how much fun the duo has making these when watching the videos for them. The videos also pleased the fans of both creators, not to mention created a great business deal. If you want to get the album you can get the physical copy here, buy on iTunes, Amazon, or listen on Spotify. This type of frequent collaboration is great for singers to help stand out from others and create a brand.

Malinda Kathleen Reese and Brian Hull

Malinda is known for doing Google Translate Sings. She takes lyrics from a song and puts it through several layers of Google Translate and back into English. Since the translation software isn’t great, the outcome is hilarious. She then sings the lyrics like they were meant to be. Brian Hull is a great vocal impressionist. He can seemingly effortlessly do endless voices (especially from Disney). His channel is full of that and his obsessing over Disney in general. But that’s not all, he can sing. So, the two creators collaborated together to make a Google Translated Beauty and the Beast songs with Brian doing some of his special voices. This kind of collaboration is an example of both a collab that’s good for singers who do not live nearby. This is also for creators who may not make the same types of content but can still combine talents. There is room to collaborate and you do not have to completely restrict yourself to ide4ntical channels. This can also help gain a lot more subscribers and subs are less likely to already be crossly subbed.

Game Grumps and lots of artists

The Game Grumps, you guessed it, play games. They do many other things like music, but this channel is for games. In this video, they collaborated with their artstic fans! The audio in the video is some humorous dialogue between the two members of Game Grumps during a game they played. Various small name animators created animations for this video. This type of collab, collaborating with fans, is a great way to gain support from your fans, learn about them, but also grow support for your channel and help less known talented creators. If you are a small creator, you should always look out for these types of opportunities and join in.


Way back from 2013 we have a video from FBE’s Youtuber’s React. In this video, several big Youtubers at the time react to short viral videos. These types of collaborations where someone reacts to a video or game or whatnot is what FBE is all about. The problem with this type of Collaboration is that if you do too many collaborations, they become less special and less popular. This video shown 5 years ago has over 33 million views. However, two weeks ago on October 28th, a Youtuber’s React video was posted and at this point, a whole two weeks have gone by and it sits at 793k views. This should tell you to be careful and not get carried away with collaborations if you get the chance. After all, eating one doughnut a month is nice, but eating five of them every day can get exhausting and boring.
“Collaborations are like doughnuts.”
–Me. 2018




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Make YouTube Collaborations Come True

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